Wednesday , October 20 2021

DHF cases in Probolinggo are still high, residents are urged to actively control larvae


Last week, rain began to cast the city of Probolinggo. Dengue fever hemorrhagic fever (DHF) also hides. Residents were invited to know the dengue attacks by actively controlling the mosquito larvae.

The mayor of Probolinggo Rukmini stressed that DHF is a dangerous disease. Because a disease caused by the dengue virus transmitted through the mosquito bite aedes aegypti can cause death. The number of dengue cases and their area of ​​spreading can be increased along with the mobility and population density.

For this reason, Rukmini asked to be alert. One way is to promote the movement of a house, a jumantik. That is, in every home, there is a family member who regularly watches water tanks. Empty it at least once a week.

"It may be a husband, wife, child, or helper, so that the larvae do not grow and proliferate in adult mosquitoes that are the cause of DHF." By conducting this activity, the rate of morbidity due to dengue disease Also do not forget to apply 3M plus, "said Rukmini.

Based on data from Probolinggo City Health Office last year, there were 117 cases of dengue fever, one of which died. While until October of this year, there were 89 cases of DHF with 1 patient died. This number may increase because there is still one last quarter of 2018, where the case is unknown. Especially nowadays, it has entered the rainy season.

The head of the health office, Dr Nirjah Irpa Wibravati, said that many of her own activities to eliminate dengue fever. Such as advice and movement of cauliflower eradication (PSN), giving selective deviation from the larval examination by jumantik strains every month. Then, socializing a house a jumantik and fumigation.

"However, this effort has not been able to break the dengue chain into the community, so the community has to maintain the environmental conditions together by implementing 3M Plus plus is an act of larval eradication and avoiding mosquito bites through activities for to kill dengue mosquito nymphs in areas that are difficult to drain, "he said.

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