Sunday , May 16 2021

Be careful, this is what you need to know before hunting discounts

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The people of Indonesia usually celebrate the national day of electronic shopping (Harbolnas), which falls every December 12th. But recently, domestic e-commerce also provides discount parties in the days of the Monastery Day that fall every 11th November.

The Day of the Monastery was originally created as one day by students in China. Then, in 2009, giant Alibaba made a party for singles shopping just on 11.11.

Obviously the moving plan is too big and not only celebrated in China but also in various countries so far in Indonesia. Before hunting for the Monkeys' Day discounts that fall tomorrow, Sunday (11/11), you need to be well prepared not to destroy personal financial planning.

According to a survey by OpenUp based in New York, online buyers generally understand the time they spend searching and buying goods. Unfortunately, they pay less attention to the amount of money spent when making online purchases, especially when there are huge discounts.

Of the 1,000 participants in the study, they claimed to "underestimate" what they bought because they considered it cheap. In fact, they spend twice as much money as they have today.

Then, credit card payments until they are tempted by big discounts make many people unable to control themselves when shopping online Ashwini Anburajan, founder and chief executive of OpenUp, said electronic buyers are often involved with attractive images that "serve" in an e-commerce or online store.

Like the Amazon websites that are working hard to create a "shopping area" in their premises so that consumers can see it as comfortable as possible to provide an unlimited shopping experience.

Ashwini also warned that he should be careful when he runs hunting discounts on the day of online shopping. Preferably, make a budget and specify the items you want to buy so that you are not tempted to buy other things just because of big discounts.

"You will be in a shopping area that has been optimized to attract the attention and" partial "of your wallet. The internet is a virtual shopping mall and is designed to make you spend time there, focus and spend money loss from the online market is not just how to get cheap products from online stores, "he explained as reported by CNBC Make It.

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