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All pages – Introduction to the effectiveness of immunotherapy in the treatment of lung cancer patients– Lung cancer fighters must continue to take various treatments to improve their quality of life. Lung cancer treatment is available in Indonesia according to lung cancer management guidelines and the Indonesian Association of Lung Doctors according to international guidelines. This includes surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.

Currently, JKN only guarantees individualized treatment for EGFR-positive lung cancer survivors. However, almost 60% of lung cancer survivors have EGFR-negative mutations and are still receiving chemotherapy. However, in Indonesia there have been findings of other treatments, such as immunotherapy.

Achievements in the treatment of lung cancer continue to grow and are available in Indonesia to increase the hope and quality of life of lung cancer patients in Indonesia. How effective is treatment, for example immunotherapy?

Sita Laksmi Andarini, of the Thoracic Oncology Working Group of the Indonesian Association of Lung Doctors, said the working system of immunotherapy is to directly target or inhibit the meeting of immune cells that often use cancer cells to prevent or prevent the immune system. System.

In this way, the immune system of cancer patients will be much more active in fighting these cancer cells. Immunotherapy is expected to meet the needs of survivors and may reduce the rate of lung cancer.

“Improving the quality of life for lung cancer survivors is inseparable from the ease of access from the stages of diagnosis, treatment and palliative management,” Sita said in a written statement on Friday (26/2).

Elisna Syahruddin, chair of the PDPI Lung Cancer Working Group, revealed that celebrating World Cancer Day reminds people that lung deaths in both Indonesia and the world rank first among all cancers. . Many of the symptoms that lead to lung cancer, but unfortunately the symptoms that occur are sometimes ignored. Thus, lung cancer survivors are diagnosed at an advanced stage.

“Lung cancer deaths, both in Indonesia and in the world, rank first among all cancers based on data Globocan 2020. Lung cancer deaths in Indonesia increased by 18% to 30,843 people with new cases reaching 34,783 cases. “This complex situation makes lung cancer absolutely the deadliest cancer in Indonesia,” Elisna said.

Responding to these situations, the survivors of the Lung Cancer Information and Support Center (CISC) together with the Indonesian National Lung Cancer Movement (IPKP) made important recommendations regarding the treatment of cancer in the lung. . That is, lung cancer survivors hope that deadly cancers will become a national priority. This is because health is a human right and lung cancer survivors have the right to receive the most appropriate treatment for the type of lung cancer the survivor is experiencing.

In addition, it is also necessary to increase human resources, in particular in primary services related to early detection protocols and open access for lung tumor screening survivors. In addition, it is important to promote ongoing education on symptoms and control of risk factors.

The next recommendation is that the access of lung cancer survivors to quality treatment should be improved so that survivors have full rights through the JKN according to the guidelines for lung cancer management. The third recommendation is that further collective and collaborative national action by all stakeholders is needed to prevent lung cancer in Indonesia.

“With this, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation between all stakeholders in efforts to promote, prevent, diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and treat lung cancer nationwide. Because lung cancer is a cancer that has the highest mortality rate in the world. “Indonesia, it is very important to make lung cancer a national emergency,” said Elisna.

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Author: Latu Ratri Mubyarsah

Journalist: Marieska Harya Virdhani

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