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A citizen attacking the police station of the subdivided Penjaringan, 1 injures the police

Police station Metro Penjaringan, North Jakarta, was attacked by a citizen named Rohandi. As a result of the attack, a police officer was injured.

"Yes, right, last night (attack), one of our members was injured," said Penjaringan police chief AKBP Rachmat Sumekar when asked for confirmation AFPOn Friday (11/09/2018).

The event took place at 01.35 WIB. The actor came to drive a motorcycle and park his vehicle outside the police station.

After that, the actor entered the police station. When one of the AKP Iraqi police greeted, the perpetrators attacked immediately.

"The offender immediately attacked the policeman using a knife and a pig knife that the police member then avoided and asked for help from a colleague who was in charge of SPK," he said.

The actor then followed AKP Irawan and threw the knife in his hand. The knife that the actor throws for the hand of AKP Irawan.

"The actor continued to attack Allahu Akbar's voice, the actor threw a pig knife held in his left hand and the knife was holding on his right hand while he attacked the police and the victim fell exposed to the fighter's sword and hit his hand causing minor injuries, "said Rachmat.

Seeing the fall of AKP Irawan, the perpetrators chased other police officers. The actor also broke the glass of the room with a knife.

"We made warning shots, but the perpetrators did not care, and Aipda Giyarto paralyzed the perpetrators by firing the base of the perpetrator's weapons so that the knife held by the perpetrator and the perpetrator could be thrown off," said Rachmat.

The perpetrators are currently being pledged to the Penjaringan police for further investigations.

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