Friday , September 24 2021

6 best Android ball game options that will make you addicted!

Do you like football, but can not play on the field? Mojog and play Sport Only the best Android balls! It should be fun and exciting.

There are also many options now game You can play. Choose the best. For example, good graphics or simplicity of the game.

In this case, we will discuss many game options. To make it more exciting, let’s follow the review to the end.

List of suggestions for the best Android ball games online and offline

Here are some suggested options Sport The best football on Android you can play online Offline THE Realism. It must be fun and it can change a real football moment on the pitch.

1. FIFA football

Selection Sport FIFA Soccer is the first extremely cool soccer game that can be played on Android. This is one of the reasons why the reliability of the game can not be questioned Author selection.

In this game, you can assemble your team and reach the top of the level. You can choose different players to build the best team and compete competitively in the league.

Currently, download program FIFA football has reached over 100 million Review It comes from more than 7 million people.

If you want to play it, go ahead Setting up Applications from the Play Store. But please know Sport Electronic Arts requires Android OS 6.0 and later. The memory space is 90 MB.

2. Soccer Manager Online (OSM) 2021 – Soccer game

In addition to playing live as a player, you can also develop skills in setting up OSM tactics or playing strategies as a football manager.

The online football manager is not as popular as FIFA Soccer, but we can still recommend this app because it is really fun and functional for practicing football.

Sport This is the best Android ballDownload Tamil With more than 10 million times Review 2 million. Whole Review Therefore, OSM 2021 gets 4.4 stars out of 5.

Interestingly, OSM can be installed on a variety of devices. Size submitIt also adapts to the device you are using. Very flexible.

3. Score! Hero

Same with FIFA football results! This hero is also one game Select an author in the Play Store. Games provided by First Touch Games Limited. It has really amazing images and is already 3D. In this sense, the feeling of playing the ball is very real and exciting.

Total download program Score! The hero has reached over 100 million. Most people are happy with the fun and variety of games Relationship-Young.

If you are interested in playing Sport Football Realism For this Android, create an Android device with a minimum operating system of 4.4 and later. For the size of the space, the minimum memory required is 95 MB. So fix it.

4. World Cup

This is a game made by Mobrix. This sport offers 60 national teams and 60 clubs with a total of 2,000 players.

There are many game modes that you can play. These include training, the championship, the cup, the exhibition.

This World Soccer League is supported by 15 different languages, so you can play according to your needs. Interestingly, in addition to running on your phone, you can also run it on your tablet so that the screen stays wide and free.

Currently, the app is online and has an average of 2 million reviews Review Positive. Assessment The World Football League won 4.3 out of 5 stars. Downloads will reach 100 million and will continue to grow.

If you are interested in running it, do so with Android OS 4.0 and later. This is an HP or Tablet old school Still usable. Another benefit of possession Sport The size is light, only about 46 MB.

5. Soccer Cup 2021: Free Soccer Games, Offline Android Patterns Game

If you like the best Android Games offline football, then Soccer Cup 2021 is the right choice. The methods available in this game are season or Time, Competition, professional system and education.

Soccer Cup 2021 Free football game, Play Guess the Android game offline

Although the total downloads were not made 4 game We used to recommend Soccer Cup 2021 because it can be played without a signal on the internet. So whenever you want to play it, you can do it. If the device has sufficient battery power.

6. eFootball PES 2021

EFootball is one of the PES Sport Famous football. After appearing on Android, the game was overtaken by fans fanWho plays it via computer.

EFootball is one of the PES 2021 game Included in the author’s selection with 100 million downloads and 7 million reviews. Therefore, its reliability is unquestionable.

Sport This is a comment Realism The use of a standard internet connection is highly recommended. Well, the real gameyear This can be done perfectly without any hassle.

Here are some suggestions Sport The best Android ball that can be cool and intoxicating. Good luck trying it!

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