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4 The mysteries of volcanoes are revealed by science

4 The mysteries of volcanoes are revealed by science
Mysteries and rare events that occur on the volcano. © 2018 Merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – The mountain is undoubtedly a beautiful place with incredible views. The beauty of the mountains, the plantations of various plants that are suitable in cool temperatures, and the hills and waterfalls that usually exist in the area are something that is interesting from the mountains.

However, this can change if it is a volcano. In addition, an active volcano can not predict when it will “cough”. How not, volcanoes are the most powerful geological features in the world, where when they erupt, they often change the contour of the Earth geologically. Like the separation of the island with the appearance of a volcanic lake.

Great things in volcanoes often reveal ancient mysteries or even create rare events that do not exist in other locations.

Let us discuss one by one the series of mysteries and rare events that occurred in the volcanoes. This is the review!

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