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10 strange events in space, according to an astronaut testimony

The astronaut is a dream job for many people. However, there is also a high risk that accompanies astronauts when working in space.

For this, one can not become an astronaut. Developed countries also compete to send their best astronauts into space to contribute to science.

Starting with the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, followed by the American astronaut Neil Armstrong, the world also considers space as the top “evidence earth” that humans can reach. Why; Not only the earth, humans can be proved in space when it was a divine secret.

However, while spending time in space, strange things can happen. How strange could it be out there? See the mysterious experiences of astronauts below.

1. There is a Yang Liwei capsule that beats. The question is, who?

10 strange events in space, according to an astronaut

Yang Liwei became the first Chinese astronaut sent by the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) in 2003.

While working in space, Liwei experiences a mysterious and tense incident! Mentionted BBC, lives in a narrow capsule surrounded by space vacuum, but suddenly there is a knock on the capsule door!

Remember, the space is empty and the sound should not be heard!

Liwei said the sound was quite loud, like someone hitting an “iron bucket with a wooden hammer”. In addition, Liwei said the sound did not come from inside or outside the cockpit. Then, from where and who hits?

This question has not been answered so far.

2. The mystery of the green ball that chased Gordon Cooper

10 strange events in space, according to an astronaut

An American astronaut, Gordon Cooper, had orbited the Earth in 22 orbits in 1963. At the time, he told the Australian Muha space station that an object in the shape of a green ball had approached his capsule.

Not only that, Muchea Station caught the green object on its radar.

However, when Cooper lands on Earth, journalists are warned not to ask questions about aliens or unknown flying object (UFO).

Why not ask?

3. The mysterious UFO exploded that Vladimir Kovalyonok saw

10 strange events in space, according to an astronaut

General Vladimir Kovalyonok was one of the crew members of the Russian space station Salyut VI in 1981. During his 217 days in space, he claimed to have seen unknown flying object also known as UFO. According to the official Russian news site Pravda, Kovalyonok had called his friend to kill the UFO.

Unfortunately, before he was killed, the UFO exploded! After the explosion, Kovalyonok said the UFO split into two halves similar to a barbell. Shocked, he immediately reported it to the Earth space station.

“I do not believe when an astronaut says ‘there is nothing in space’,” toilet Kovalionko who also believe in UFOs.

Kovalyonok then retired in 1984.

4. The mystery of the space eel seen by Franklin Story Musgrave

Franklin Story Musgrave is a six-point astronaut. He once shared his experiences while serving in space.

He said he had seen a “hose” like an eel in flight. Not just once, he saw her twice on two different occasions.

Scam? Wrong view? Musgrave said the eel seemed to have its own propulsion system.

Hmmm, what is this?

5. The observation of a UFO trapped in a cosmonaut in Mir

While on a space mission to the Russian space station, Mir, in 1991, the cosmonaut Musa Manarov was lucky and managed to record a UFO that he sees flying in the darkness of space! Flying away from Mir, Manarov said nothing had escaped the space station and doubted it was space junk.

If not the bolts or loose parts of the Mir and the luggage compartment, then what?

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6. There is a light that flies very fast

10 strange events in space, according to an astronaut

During his final year on the International Space Station (ISS) in 2005, Leroy Chiao saw a strange light pass in front of him while working on something on the ISS.

“I saw a line of light that looked like an inverted tick that passed me. Very strange,” the word Chiao to The Huffington Post in 2014.

Chiao was not alone at the time. Unfortunately, the colleague did not see it because he was facing the opposite direction. Some say what Chiao saw was “the light from a line of fishing boats off the coast of America.”

However, Chiao denied it. After all, the fishing boat must be very large if you want to see it from space up to 370 kilometers from Earth!

7. Flames that do not burn in space

To explain this, the fire broke out after the hot gas attracted oxygen. So, without oxygen, fire should not start, right?

Obviously, humans still need time to understand how nature works in space. In 2009-2012, NASA astronauts conducted fire experiments on the ISS in a project entitled “Flame extinguishing experiment (CABLE)”.

“In space, molecular diffusion draws oxygen into the flame and burns away from the flame at a rate 100 times slower than the floating flow on Earth.” priest Dan Dietrich |, the FLEX project scientist at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Ohio.

NASA researchers light a small drop of heptane or methanol fuel on a special experimental shelf at the ISS. The results were amazing! As the droplets catch fire, a spherical flame swallows them and the camera records the entire process.

“So far, the most amazing thing we have noticed is the continuous burning of heptane droplets after the fire goes out under certain conditions, at the moment, this is completely inexplicable.” Show FLEX leaders, Foreman Williams.

8. Space disco light

10 strange events in space, according to an astronaut

During the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, the US Astronauts saw bright lights with their own eyes! Astronauts on Project Apollo 12 and 13 were warned about this and passed.

In fact, they could still see the light with their eyes closed! Finally, NASA also conducted research on these visions for two years through 4 Apollo 14-17 missions.

As a result, NASA said what they saw was “cosmic light.” Fortunately, it does not hurt the eyes! Those of us who live on Earth cannot see cosmic light because it has been absorbed by the atmosphere. However, if in space without an atmospheric blanket? Different stories.

9. Christopher Cassidy saw a UFO

While on the ISS in 2013, astronaut Christopher Cassis saw a UFO passing by! Without being silent, Cassidy immediately contacted the Earth Control Center to report his vision.

After watching the video, NASA said that what Cassidy saw was a blanket of the ISS unit from Russia, Zvezda. However, is that so?

10. Small light like fireflies in space

10 strange events in space, according to an astronaut

Flying a spaceship Friendship 7 On the Mercury-Atlas mission in 1962, American astronaut John Glenn saw a strange thing through his window. Believe it or not, Glenn saw tiny lights that looked like “butterflies.” It took NASA at least a year to discover the “fly”, which they thought was a system failure on the Glenn spacecraft.

As it turned out, the flies were water droplets that froze and broke through Glenn’s window after moving. Friendship 7.

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