Saturday , September 25 2021

You want to go to kill as this might be my last tour in Australia: Ishant Sharma

New Delhi: It's a case now or never for Upper Senior India Ishant Sharma, who wants to "go to kill" in what might be his fourth and last tour in Australia.

The shortest tester (87 games) in this group, Ishant was part of the Indian side during the 2007-08, 2011-2012 and 2014-2015 tours.

"I always go to kill it because when you play for your country you can not think of a second chance, I'm 30 now, I do not know if I'll be there for the next tour (Australia in 2022-23) as I'm 34. I'll give the best possible level on this tour, "said Ishant during an interaction after playing his first game in two months of the UK tour.

Ishant, who took 18 wickets in five trials in England, shot much better than the picture shows. The 30-year-old feels he has matured as a bowler and is the mental state he once dictates on-the-spot performances.

"I've matured now and I know the settings of my space and the bowl depending on the situations. As you get older, there's a lot of wear on your body. It's all about the mental state. If you're fit and in good mind space, you can say you're bowling well, "said Ishant, who has 256 wickets from 87 Tests.

As someone who has been more testy than the Kohli pilot (73), Ishant aims to guide the next line of rhythms in a way that they can share their experience with others within a few years.

"I share my experience, I mean the experience I have, I can adjust the field and say in which length bowls in specific pieces.

Ishant believes that a senior must not walk with a chip on his shoulders.

"They have to joke with their juniors, I'm not that senior who says negative things to juniors like" why you did that "etc. I'm superior to have a different criterion for my youngsters," he said.

The hero of the Champions League Championship victory in India in 2013 in Ishant does not hide the fact that he "hurts" that he is out of the limited rhythms that had played 80 ODIs.

"It makes me do not play ODI, yes, I feel bad about it, I want to play all three shapes for the country, but there are a few things you can not control and I do not want to think too many negative things," he replied to a PTI question.

Thinking can also affect his performance in the form of his power.

"If I start thinking about why I do not play ODI, then it can also affect the performance of my Test. My goal is to concentrate on the form I'm playing."

Ishant admitted that Australia that does not have Steve Smith and David Warner will be an advantage.

"You can say that (India's advantage)." Statistics reveal that in recent years, 60% of their running has been rated by Smith and Warner, "he said.

But she was cautious and respected for the opposition she will play at her own feast.

"But whoever plays for Australia must have some quality and be a first-class artist, so you can not take them lightly." Australia is generally a difficult side, the crowd can make it even tougher. will make you a tough player and I have never had a problem with it, "said Ishant.

Always considered as a working horse, Ishant does not mind bowling long spells even in hot and humid Australian conditions.

"I do not like to think about how many excesses I say I do bowling and under what conditions, if I do a good bowling and if my team needs to bowl at a particular moment, I will bowler bowler quickly, then I think you do not have to play cricket" .

When asked if India is ready to throw the label of 'poor travelers', it was not fun.

"We are not worried about labels because, as a group we know, we have given our 100 percent. We should not really care what others are saying, because in this field we are going through difficult times. we care what people talk about us.

"No one is injured more by us when we do not win matches because we are the ones who play in the match," said Ishant referring to the recent defeat of 1-4 against England.

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