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Top 3 Reasons Why Players Should Choose Shani in Free Fire Rankings

Garena Free Fire has been the worldwide favorite Battle Royale title, thanks to its unique features and features.

Characters are an integral part of this game, mainly contributing to the user experience of the game. Almost all characters have special abilities to distribute on the ground.

Shani is one of the most underrated characters in the game and is often considered by gamers. But it has an impressive ability that can be beneficial for players in qualifying matches.

This article explains why Shani can be a great choice for this type of game in Free Fire.

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Why should players choose Shani for the Free Fire ranking feature?

# 1 – Shani’s impressive ability

Sunny on free fire
Sunny on free fire

Shani has an impressive ability called Gear Recycle, a passive one. At level 1, it restores the strength of the armor after each kill. The most interesting fact is that if the strength of the armor accumulates, it can even upgrade an armor to level 3.

When Shani reaches level 6, her ability restores endurance 20 armors after each kill.

# 2 – Great choice for attacking players

Shani is a great choice for attacking players. It offers a defensive benefit to attacking players as they rush, and each time they kill, the durability of the user’s vest increases.

It is a fantastic advantage on the field that can help players cope with the extra damage they have received. Their ability allows them to survive longer on the battlefield while helping them participate in more battles.

# 3 – Optimize skill combination

Shani’s ability can be used and optimized wisely to get better results. As Free Fire offers ability slots to combine the skills of other characters, players can combine Shani’s ability with other powerful characters. This will help them get the most out of scoring matches.

For example, players can combine Shani with Jota, DJ Alok and Hayato. This combination will make a great choice for attacking players. Jota’s HP recovery ability per assassination and DJ Alok’s HP enhancement ability will offer HP an edge in the field.

Alok’s increased speed and Hayato armor penetration will help during the injections, while Shani’s armor resistance will help protect players.

Note: This list reflects the individual opinion of the author. Readers’ opinions may differ.

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