Wednesday , February 24 2021

The odd science behind 10 animals feet

The biggest bird in the world is also the only bird in the world that has two toes, not three or four. According to the Farm Safari ostrich in South Africa, most birds have four fingers to grab their prey. Most birds without flying, such as the emu and the penguin, have just three fingers. The ostrich, meanwhile, has a large finger to bear the weight of his body, which can reach up to 400 kg and the other for balance. Their unique legs and high legs allow ostriches to reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, according to the American Ostrich Association.

Ostrichs also struggle with their feet. They can kick in front, but Science News suggests their legs are strong enough to get rid of a man. Birds are known to kill if they feel threatening.

Dr. Nina Saler, an ostrictive kinetic expert, wrote for the European journal Science in School that the majority of the ostrich leg muscles [is] which is very high in the thigh bone and the hip, while the lower swing elements of its leg are comparatively light, moving by long, reductive mass tendons. This device optimizes the ostrich leg for high-speed movement, giving it both a long step and a high-pitch frequency. "

Schaller also wrote that the unique ostrich construction could inform human prosthetics.

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