Tuesday , July 27 2021

The game is over for TMC, says PM Modi. BJP wants to split Bengal, hits back Mamata

Speaking at two rallies in Bengal on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the TMC’s allegations against the Electoral Commission and the EVM showed that it was a “khela sesh” (game over) for the party led by Mamata Banerjee and “the “Didi must accept defeat.” The TMC supremo returned, stating that the saffron party was trying to destroy the state culture and divide Bengal for its own gain.

Speaking at a rally in Haripal, Hooghly, which goes to the polls on April 6, Modi said: “She continues to criticize EVM, the EC…. If players continue to criticize referees, you should know their “khela sesh” (game over) “

“Dedi was crushed after feeling defeated. That’s why he criticizes everyone and everything, from EC to EVM. He is abusing me. “But while he is abusing me, he has hurt the self-esteem of the people of Bengal by saying that they are taking money to attend our rallies,” he said.

He added, “Do Bengalis get paid to attend rallies, Dendi? Who insults me while you abuse me? You insult the peoples of the state. Dedi, you have betrayed people, and so you have to accept defeat. “

Prime Minister Naryder Monti during a match in Sonarpur in the South 24 Parganas district of Sarurday. (Express Photo: Partha Paul)

Speaking at another polling station in Sonarpur in South 24 Parganas province, Modi said TMC stands for “Taka Maar Company”, which unleashed its “idiots” to “terrorize the state”.

“You keep the TMC auditors in check. Explain to them that Modi is here! Their intimidation will no longer be tolerated. Bengal does not want violence and terror. “Bengal wants education for its daughters and protection, respect and justice for its mothers,” she said.

He also said that Mamata Banerjee, who describes the BJP leaders as “outsiders” (bohiragato), is an insult to the inclusive ideology of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and the principles of the Constitution.

“Dedi is talking about third parties. We are all children of Mother India. No Indian is a foreigner here. “When the BJP forms the government after May 2, a son of the land will become the leader,” he said.

Referring to TMC MP Mahua Moitra’s tweet, Modi said: “Didi’s party says it will run against Varanasi, which makes it clear it has conceded defeat in Bengal. The people of Varanasi are as kind as the people of Bengal. But you (Mamata Banerjee) will meet so many people with vermillion and “choti”. The slogan “Jai Shri Ram” bothers you, but you should listen to “Har Har Mahadev” every two minutes there. “

Meanwhile, speaking at a rally in Raydi in South Paragana 24, Mamata Baneri launched an offensive against the BJP, saying the saffron party wants to divide the people of Bengal and destroy its language and culture.

“They will separate West Bengal and its people. Our culture is that Hindus and Muslims have tea with each other and celebrate Durga puja and Kali puja together. The BJP will benefit if there is unrest in our villages. “Remember how the names of the 14 million Bengalis and the 2 million Bihari were deleted from the updated NRC in Assam,” he said.

Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee hosts a roadshow in Howrah, West Bengal on Saturday. (Express Photo: Partha Paul)

“Do not be intimidated. Their mothers and sisters provoke. “We have no problem if the forces act impartially to ensure free and fair elections, but if they act on behalf of a particular political party, we will protest,” he said.

The prime minister, who is challenging her former lieutenant and BJP candidate Suvendu Adhikari in Nandigram, has claimed that there were “outside” attempts to oust the Purba Medinipur constituency.

“There have been attempts by foreigners to drive the election to Nandigram, visiting every home before the vote. However, I will win nicely from the position. A local idiot was accompanied by foreign villains in Nandigram. That’s their pattern, “he said.

Reaffirming her Hindu identity in an apparent attempt to resist the minority category, Baneri said, “I am a devout Hindu who recites Chad’s mantra every day before leaving home. But I believe in our tradition of respecting every religion. “

Receiving the BJP leaders having lunch at the Dalits’ homes, he said: “I am a Brahmin woman. But my partner is a planned caste woman who takes care of all my needs. She also cooks food for me. I do not need to advertise it, as those who bring a five-star hotel lunch to the courtyard of a Dalit house are anti-Dalit, as opposed to backward caste and anti-minority in nature.

He also blamed AIMIM under the leadership of Asaduddin Owaisi and Abbas Siddiqui’s ISF, urging Muslims not to “fall into the trap of a party with the help of the BJP from Hyderabad and its ally in Bengal to polarize votes.” .

“Hyderabad and Fourfura Sharif have given money from the BJP to divide Hindus and Muslims. If you do not want NRC & sections, do not vote for them. “Their vote would mean that you are voting for the BJP,” he said.

Later that day, TMC supremo also held a roadshow in the Howrah area.

The third round of Bengal elections will take place in 31 constituencies on 6 April. The state will see five more phases of the vote after that, with the last one scheduled for April 29th. The vote count will take place on May 2.

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