Monday , October 25 2021

Taimur Ali Khan comes out in a bright yellow T-shirt and Saturday is made – see the HQ


We feel that our days are not complete until we come to the light of Taimur Ali Khan. The cutie does our day every time we come out of the house. And today we had even more reasons to moon over the little one. The reason he left wearing a bright yellow t-shirt. And how cute it looked! Like a bright sunshine.

But his expressions have all our attention. Really how cute can one get? Look at it all going "ooh" and "aah" to the view of the cameras. He's going to grow up to be total cardiac theft, is not he?

Check his photos now:

Screenshot_14Screenshot_13 Screenshot_12 Screenshot_11 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_8

Taimur is an absolute miracle boy. We can not stop learning how cute he is and he does not blame us. We are sure you can overcome it.

At Diwali, Tim fell in love with his dad, Saif, in white as both together with Kareena visited the office of Karisma Kapoor to play Diwali puja. Later on, through the images of Tim by Diwali's basketball he appeared and looked cute as a button on black kurta and pajamas. About a week ago, it was rumored that Saif Ali Khan forbade amateurs to click on Tim as they were influenced by paparazzi culture. These news left us disappointed as we were accustomed to seeing Tim every day. However, later, Saif Ali Khan refuted these rumors saying that no one would hear him, even if he asked the paparazzi to stop clicking on Tim.

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