Saturday , June 12 2021

On mission lines of the Mars Orbiter, ISRO plans a mission to Venus

Although the latest Opportunity Announcement (AO) does not determine the weight of the spacecraft, it performs the project to ship to the weight of 100kg.

The Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO) intends to study Venus from an elliptical orbit that is closest to the planet at 500 km and 60,000 km. At the extreme end – similar to the 2013 Mars Orbiter (MOM) mission.

It was set for mid-2023, the mission, dubbed the "Expedition Venus", has revived the 18-month-old stadium for what is the first Indian voyage to Venus, the Hindus said.

ISRO opened the mission for international experiments and asked for experimentation ideas from space agencies, universities and researchers on planet Aphrodite. These inputs should complete a series of Indian experiments selected from the answers set for the AO in April 2017. However, the answers are said to be fewer and below expectations. The space organization then planned a total payload of 175 kilos.

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The mission, if approved, will be India's third interplanetary excursion after Chandrayaan-1 in 2008 and MOM in 2013. A lunar plane along with a Chandrayaan-2 rover mission is also scheduled to be launched in January or February 2019.

While the Space Science Program Office is currently handling, the whole project needs to be reviewed by the Space Science Advisory Board and approved by the Space Committee and the central government.

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ISRO may reduce the orbit of the planned Venus spacecraft after a while for better and more intense observations, the report said. Aphrodite's mission will be comparable to the popular MOM in terms of its orbit and its cost, the Hindus said, citing an informed ISRO official.

The official also stated that the plan is at a very early stage and that the decision on the weight of the spacecraft and missile that would be needed would be determined once the experiments were selected.

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