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Hurt from Nitish Kumar's comments, Upendra Kushwaha wants Amit Shah to come in

The political conflict between Nitish Kumar and Upendra Kushwaha took a new turn after Rashtriya Lok Samta (RLSP) party leader said he was affected by Bihar CM's statement that he did not deserve any comment.

Kushwaha said head BJP Amit Shah must intervene in the matter to clear things.

"I am writing to Amit Shah ji to examine the issue and to immediately convene a meeting for clarity about the" context or content "of the Bihar CM observation," Kushwaha told Hindustan Times.
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Kumar's JD (U) and Kushwaha's RSLP are both partners of the government's NDA at the Center.
Recently, Kushwaha, the foreign minister of the Union for Humanitarian Unemployment, asked Kumar why he was put in a "relaxed" position saying he did not deserve to comment.

Kushwaha's statement came in response to an interview by Bihar CM, where he said he did not want to "collapse" by addressing the minister's claims for his 2020 plans.

Referring to a comment by Monti in 2015, where he had done a digging at Kumar, indicating that his inability to respect others showed that something had not happened with his DNA, Kushwaha asked Bihar CM to provide the DNA report .

The head of the RLSP shares a tedious relationship with Kumar. One day after BJP and JD (U) reached a 50-50 seat-sharing formula, Kushwaha met with RJD's Tejashwi Yadav, raising eyebrows in political circles.

His claims about Kumar's desire to step down after 2020 had prompted JD (U), who replied by saying that the post of head of the ministry was "no rasgulla" and Kumar would continue in his role as had been elected by the people.

The recurring challenges of Kushwaha, whose party won four Lok Sabha posts as part of the NDA in 2014, emerged as a model in the wider political narrative that it may be trying to build.

Many question whether he is trying to force BJP's hand to Bihar and appear as a witness. This could work to his advantage, as pride and insult from the hands of sovereign groups can be a powerful alley in seeking separation. It can later be used to play the victim card in storms.

While Kushawaha's caste alone does not have the numerical strength to change electoral fortunes in the state, it can bring the polls of its community into an umbrella social alliance. With that in mind, both BJP and JD (U) were very careful in dealing with their wounds.

| Edited by: Padmaja Venkataraman

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