Wednesday , June 23 2021

Google restricts forced arbitration after protest for harassment

has changed some policies on sexual abuse after leaving thousands of employees from their offices last week
complain about large payments for executives accused of harassment and others

The alphabet unit does
arbitration optional for individual sexual harassment and sexual assault
claims. He also promised to provide more information to staff on such issues
research and results, and to expand compulsory education on the subject,
by addressing some of the employees of the matter asked when organizing the retirement.

"Moving on, we will
provide more transparency as to how we are dealing with concerns. We will give better support
and the care of the people who grow them. And we will double it
commitment to be a representative, fair and respectable workplace "
Google CEO, Mr. Sundar Pichai, wrote in a public message
workers on Thursday.

The company holds a city
meeting staff in a room for sexual harassment on Thursday

Adjustment to responsibilities

After years as a free wheel,
Quick Start, Google is trying to adapt to the responsibilities and
to be one of the most powerful companies in the world. This happens
externally, with increased control by regulators and politicians, and
internally with reports and growing complaints about Google's permissive culture
when it comes to executive behavior and relationships with colleagues.

Changes are a step forward,
but have some serious shortcomings, said Freor Kapor Klein, a partner of Kapor
Capital and long-standing supporter of technology diversity.

"Not finished
arbitration, it made it optional. "The rule also changes
does not seem to extend to racism in the workplace, which women of color are just like
who may face sexism, said Kapor Klein.

Termination of forced arbitration

Google protest organizers
last week demanded the end of forced arbitration in harassment and
which require employees to resolve their dispute
privately and not in court.

Compulsory arbitration clauses
have come under harsh testing as #metoo traffic has gathered steam over
the last year.

In February, the Advocates General of all 50 states issued a rare common letter calling for legislation
to ensure that victims of sexual harassment will have the option of one day in court. Some
states, including California, this year voted laws limiting its use
non-disclosure agreements in cases of sexual offense. The Governor of California,
however, vetoed a bill that would limit arbitration.

Compulsory arbitration for harassment
the requirements are still standard practice for large employers, according to Orly Lobel,
a professor of labor law and labor law at the University of San Diego.

Last December, Microsoft announced
that it had abolished compulsory arbitration clauses for sexual harassment
claimed among its employees and also supported federal legislation
do the same throughout the workforce.

"Forced arbitration is one
from the misfortunes that we understand continues sexual harassment by concealment
the nature of the claims and is a totally unilateral system
favors companies, "said Debra Katz, a civil law attorney, partner
the law firm Katz, Marshall & Banks.

"If we as a society care
to eliminate sexual harassment, we must continue to push companies
to get rid of these policies, because it is not the case either
level or the legislative level now. "

Other requirements

Other employee requirements included
creating a single, clear system for anonymous reporting of harassment; and a
they promise that the principal responsible for diversity will report directly to the Managing Director.

Pichai committed to many of
these changes, but a request to appoint a representative of the workers
the Governing Board was not examined. Instead, Google noted that its main variety
officer provides recommendations to the board through a committee.

Employers' supporters are not
convinced. Changes do not fully extend to Google contractors, who are one
a huge part of the company's workforce, said a spokesman for Tech
Workers Coalition, which represents employees and contractors from different
tech companies.

Google said it was investigating
every time a contractor makes a complaint against a Google employee and expects it
contracting companies to do the same when a complaint against a

what it commits to:

• Arbitration to the sexual
harassment and attack are optional.

• Provide regular, detailed
reports on the number of allegations of harassment and how they have caused
people launched.

• Create an internal wizard for
how bullying surveys are being conducted in the company.

• More support for people
mentioning harassment, including the right to bring a colleague with them
in meetings with the human resources department.

• Directors are expected to
discourage "excessive" alcohol consumption in work-related events.

• Failure to have sexual harassment
training will affect employee performance assessments.

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