The Hungarian stock market performs better in Europe


Despite the gloomy climate of the international capital market, the BUX index performs well, thanks not only to the excellent performance of the OTP, but also to the heights of the middle heads. We have already mentioned the rise of 4iG, from the moment it was written, the rally became even more liberal than writing, today 12.1 percent, plus paper.

In addition, PannErgy shares performed well after OTP Bank gave a recent analysis of the company and highlighted the strong performance of PannErgy in the first half, with increased heat sales, sales and profits after taxes, therefore more than 60 percent potential revaluation. Buy. As a result, the exchange rate is now up 3.8%, with strong interest in paper.

Opus shares are also outstanding, currently at 6.5% plus on paper. There was no news about the company or affect the company’s crisis, so there are probably technical reasons for the rally, as the level of 265 HUF, which served as resistance in late March and mid-June, broke the


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