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Sas József died on the 24th

He died at the age of 82 Yours Joseph– Humor that won the Jászai Mari award – writes Blikk. The family confirmed the news to József Sas. József Sas died at dawn on Sunday due to a long-term serious illness.

József Sas was taken to hospital in January due to a coronavirus. A few days ago, Blick reported that the comedian is still in the hospital but does not need mechanical ventilation. József Sas’s condition worsened a week ago.

In November 2018, the artist announced that he will give up all his other performances in 2018, citing his state of health. The comedian had a bilateral stroke in January 2019 during his vacation in Thailand. He was first treated at a Phuket hospital and then returned home in early March. He was first treated at John’s Hospital and later transferred to a rehabilitation center. He was hospitalized for a long time after his stroke, but had recovered at home for some time.

Yours JosephAward-winning actor, director, humor Jászai Mari has been the director of the Tiny Stage for decades. At first Mihály Polacsek Born in January 1939, he lost his father at the age of four in the Holocaust. At his father’s request, his son allegedly followed him to the theater stage, and he did.

Whenever something happened to me, I still wanted to be an actor. That was right in front of my eyes, I had to do my father’s will, I had to stand on stage. It really gave me strength, so I need to heal. A four-year-old cannot leave his father, but he does not want to. I ran the same course, the same reviews were made for us, only I could experience the success that Dad no longer had.

He said in an interview.

He graduated from the Kálmán Rózsahegyi drama school in 1957, from where he was assigned to Győr. After that he was a member of the Jókai Theater in Békés, the Pécs National Theater, the Hungarian People’s Army Art Ensemble and the József Katona Theater in Kecskemét. From 1973 he became an artist in Microscope, of which he was also a director from 1985 to 2009. He is a regular member of the radio and television community, has also released many major albums and has written and performed several solo nights.

In the 1980s, he received the Mari Jászai Award, the Karinthy Ring Award and the Meritorious Artist Award. He was also nominated for the Kossuth Award in 2008, but eventually withdrew after a court sentenced him to life in prison for fraud.

József Sas announced in early 2018 that he would give up all his performances for that year due to his health condition. In January of the following year, he suffered a bilateral stroke during a holiday in Thailand, after which he was flown to Hungary on a special plane. “I take all the medicine, I do everything in physiotherapy the way they say. My humor is not gone and my mind is still cut. I talk a lot, I sing, my brain is fresh, but my body is weak “, said the comedian in the fall of 2019, who has visited the hospital many times since then.

When asked in a reportage program how he would present himself, he replied:

The old, theatrical, good pendants The clown. That’s me

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