Thursday , October 1 2020
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Oscar Sndor lost his crown


Cstrtkn would have begun, but he certainly misses the msodfok match for the winning zombie, which Oster Sndor's shoes. Last year, Brsg did not keep the snails, but that was not good. And now Blikk is stuck.

Mg was from the sight of one of the people who had been killed by the crown. Ossers found the hatsg ltter. Last year, the ferret exhales to a princess, wildly left the past, stumbling over the snakes to reach the brsg.

Frfi, who still has a warrant against him, has come to Blikknl the days and sent them, as well as a brilliant and wrinkled letter.

Unfortunately, I also bought the raster at Oster Besroz. (…) I make my confession on the most recent day of the trilogy in the letter Frfi, ie insists that Blikk is uncontrollable.

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