Friday , January 22 2021

Népszava collapsed on the track and then a prospective footballer died

It also disappeared from CSM Bucharest from FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria Sunday Sunday Handball BL Sunday. With the success of ETO on Saturday, ETO assured his team.

In the presentation of the teams, the elegance was the invitation of the entertainer of the area for the first time to the visitors in Bucharest. That was the case, but the names of the guests were not really heard from the whistle of the crowd who paid the arena due to the already planned "romance".

The mood, with the exception of a similar block, was later friendly and at first it was quite festive: with Noah's goals and Nero Pena, 43 seconds later, Ferenkvaros threw 2-0, resulting in 4-1 in the 5th minute . Dragan Djukic's coach, responding to the events, had a long time to come and this proved to be a great achievement: a break from the break was shaken by his team and after a while the cube turned. In the 11th minute, at 5-5, CSM was unified for the first time, took the lead and then gained more and more with a steadily increasing margin. At the beginning of the last 10 minutes of the first race, the FTC tried to cover the drawbacks of the four goals but failed to cover the win with 17-10 against the parties.

After exchanging the quarterback, it was not easy for Ferencváros to do anything else, since the other 30 minutes started with the goals of Bucharest. Among other things, this is due to the doubling of the HTC FTC, which had good times in the match, but this time it was unsuccessful for translation, 34-28, so it lost the second round for the second time in the season against the CSM bronze medal. The Romanians managed to win the Hungarian silver medal at the beginning of team D and, thanks to their counterparts, the pre-race last weekend of the weekend.

In team C, where champion champion Győri Audi ETO KC was mentioned, there is no open question: Győr secured his teammate after winning 32-23 in the home of Krim Mercator Ljubljana. The Győrs are still without a point in BL.

Another defeat of Veszprém

His fourth defeat at Manchester BL Handball on Saturday at Telekom Veszprém: David Davis's team took 32-29 in Sweden as Kristianstad. The Swede was pleased with his first success in the season. "The second inning was devastating, I tried to change the defense, but it did not work, we will continue to work," says David's website. -26 in Denmark against Skjern.

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