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Mystery of Murder – Criticism – CRETAN: Murder of murder


So far, virtually nothing has emerged from the great work of Adam Sandler and Netflix, originally devoted to 4 films, but the streaming provider made four more contracts with humor in 2017. But, fortunately, the mystery of murder exceeds the standards of the comedies of Sunler – precisely because it's more like a comedy.

The story deliberately tells a mystery of Agatha Christie: Nick Spitz (Sandler), who is constantly failing to research, takes Audrey (Jennifer Aniston), a fan of detective novels for European holidays. In flight, they arrive at an impeccable billionaire (Luke Evans) who invites them to his uncle's yacht. Uncle, however, is killed on the first night, and the goal is for the protagonists to roll the mystery while they are the number one citizens themselves.

Naturally, the murder mystery does not take death seriously, but humor must play a violinist role. This may have to do with the script written by James Vanderbilt, who has done dramatic works (including Zodiac script) during his career so far, but the progress of the project is determined by the direction of the survey and not by the ghosts of Sandler's anesthetic poetry. The famous comic runs only a great deal this time to get some incredible turns with its character, which is not very funny, but at least not annoying.

In any case, the efforts of laughter were quite disappointed in the mystery of murder. The characters of Sandler and Aniston practically do not have funny features or even characteristic features other than their worship. Even Vanderbilt's script does not start with the irony that seems to be a joke that a woman hiding detective stories is likely to be far better than her husband with a detective career. Their relationship lacks dynamics, chemistry and, for the better, the comic associated with them can only be based on the cliché of the average human who stumbles upon large fish. Moreover, only the Maharaja of Adeel Akhtar is the only one based on a poetry source.

Nor can it be said that the murder mystery will be satirical or poetic in relation to the illustrated criminals: self-reflection is exhausted by the fact that the main characters reveal from time to time detection stories and the system of rules Audrey reads. In fact, the film acts as a crime by Agatha Christie, who, according to the spirit of the time, takes less seriously, but does not want to interpret, laugh at the solutions of the typical species.

But let Vanderbilt do his job, as Murter Mystery looks so good in his eyes. (Of course, it is strictly limited to classic 70-80 years and not to modern tracks.) The story is crammed, filled with exotic locations in Southern Europe and even more exotic forms, in other words, it completely records the essence of heroic detective novels.

Unfortunately, this Murder Mystery considers it a work, and does not impose any other respect on itself. For example, tracing a trace could be much stricter, and even as a criminal, this film is wrong to mix the pages until we have the killer idea to the end, so we quickly lose interest in the discoveries precede the final explanation. The rhythm itself could be more dynamic, as apart from a few signaling actions, it makes no sense that our actors will be at the end of the mystery.

But at least in the end, the events will go well enough, and in the last 15-20 minutes, Murter Mystery will scatter humor, crime and action as it would be. Therefore, more effort should be made to make this film a good Friday night movie, but starting with the works of Netflix and Sandler, it is also noteworthy that Mystery Murder is capable of performing at least basic level without serious explosions.

Since 14 June, Murter Mystery is available at Netflixen. You can find all of this year's presentations in our regularly updated movie calendar and all the reviews IGN Hungary will have, by clicking on the review summary.

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