Tuesday , October 19 2021

Liu Shaolin Sndor, a walker of proud Hungarian gold skating


Liu Shaolin Sndor wins the first 1,000-mile racing at Salt Lake City on Saturday night.

With the Olympiacos champion competing in the day, it was fantastic to play, like the pnteki ktkrs Saturday, quarter and eldnt were also hit. Similarly to Liu Shaoang, who was in Calgary for about a week in Calgary, he was pleasantly surprised and had a pleasant surprise when he became one of the eighth.

The six best ones are the finals of Liu's flax punches, the younger, the biggest bodygu. Twenty-five years of Liu Shaolin went into hair for 20 years and did not let him do it. At the same level, Liu Shaoangi, who was a gold medal in the level, came to the front of Zen Ce-ve and then the MTK fighter left the dz-korean park control Dzsi Von, who wanted to play in Cleveland, leaving him out of sixth place the triumph, and then, in turn, to the top of the network.

On one level, the champions were Csaba Burjn and Sziliczei-Nmet Rebeka, both of whom had the chance to get to the 1500 meters, where they were the second and the third. After the pnteki failed research, he left the seed to the settlement and then to Bnt. There is a sixth time in front of an opponent but the 13th place is also the best result for the junior racer. Petra Jszapti fell in the quarter at a distance of 1,000 meters from the blockade.

The entire bets in 2000 were won by Bcskai Sra Luca, Jszapti, Krueger Cole and Burjn, though this was only the last time in the program. The championships of the Olympic Championship were in full swing, so Liu Shaolin, Liu Shaoang, Burjn, Krueger had to hit Finland. The square of Bcskai, Jszapti, Knoch Marta, Szliczei-Nmet was the third in the first match, so it can be played in the match.

Iron Day is the 1000th and the 500th road to mining the finishing.

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