Monday , March 1 2021

János Halász: Immigration is dangerous, not Gruevski

A book monologue was presented on Tuesday TV at Fidesz as a fractional representative, János Halász, who (really!) Paid the simple politician who wants to talk about the real things of the country, but it can not be because opposition, and only for the miserable Gruevski affair. in turn

not a terrorist,while illegal immigration, which opposition politicians themselves do not report with the same power, is a real danger for the country and for Europe.

According to Halasz, it is worthwhile to look at the big picture, as it is: Gruevski's anti-immigrant politician, his rival Prime Minister Zoran Zajev is an immigrant and his friend Soros chasing his opponent – it is natural in such cases should give him the opportunity, to seek asylum in Hungary (and a diplomatic charge from Albania as well). From now on, we are faced with a simple legal issue – and we are still talking about anonymous bank cards instead of immigrants breaking the southern border.

The fisherman, during the debate, confirms that at today's national security meeting, parliament was still talking about the asylum procedure. Interestingly, only Adam Mirkóczki, the head of the board, said Zsuzsanna Végh, the head of the immigration office, referred to a protracted procedure, but the decision was taken in the afternoon. For this reason, Jobbik held an extraordinary meeting in committee on Wednesday. (News TV)



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