Friday , May 14 2021

János Áder appointed András Patyi, the good champion, as Vice President of Curia for 6 years

In the Hungarian newspaper, President János Áder appointed András Patyi as Vice President of Curia for 6 years. The appointment will take effect on April 1, but it is not an April prank

András Patyi apologizes to Viktor Orbán for fining NVB for campaigning with kindergartens. In 2018, Orbán launched a funny video, humiliating the complete Paty three times.Photo: Viktor Orbán / Facebook

The former chairman of the National Electoral Commission was the rector of the National University of Public Administration until 2018 and spread in Fidesz circles that he stood out in the government to lead the scheduled special administrative courts. These would have been the courts that would have heard politically sensitive cases in a more favorable context for the government, with a more favorable judiciary, but then the government unexpectedly postponed the plan indefinitely.


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