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F1: Hamilton Szirotkin, Vettel criticizes supervisors


The victory of Lewis Hamilton ended with the Brazilian Grand Prix qualifier, the second Sebastian Vettel, but his German position for a while was in jeopardy, because after qualifying, he was investigated against him. The Ferrari driver did not agree with that, while Hamilton was hit by Sergei Sziroktini, who was accused of maneuvering his looms. More or less satisfied with Red Bull, Valtteri Bottas, however, this can not be said – the Finnish driver is sure he would have won the pole position at his speed.

Vettel and Hamilton have also experienced some interesting moments in the interlogos watch (Photo: AfP)

He took the pole position Lewis Hamilton at the end of Brazil's GP qualifying, that Q1 could have been badly damaged by his car – Sergei Shirotkin was forced to lead the 44th Mercedes from behind to the lead. For the case, Hamilton accuses Oman, who, in his opinion, has made an irresponsible maneuver. The event is not a small surprise for sports supervisors.

"Everyone was in the escort circle, I Sergei and the people in front of me He recalled the British pilot. – Valtteri was right in front of me and took some time to make room for himself, so I had to do it. I was sure I left enough space and suddenly I saw a car coming up quick and I thought, gentlemen, can someone hurry? That's why I went to the left but it came to the left, but it was not a quick turn, so I do not know what she thought. We all know we have to leave enough space, but it was disrespect. I tried to escape the road, but then slowed down to bending. It was a bit weird and totally unnecessary, because there was a lot of space behind it, but we hope you will learn from it. "

There was a strange fall Sebastian Vettel also in the second qualification stage. The Ferrari driver was called for a random discretion, during which he eagerly aroused the usual timer operations. In his car, the engine came in and Vettel left the scooter alone – destroying him. For this reason, he started exams against him, but the sports bosses did not end up with him, but he was annoyed about the case after the timer.

"I think it's better not to say anything, I do not have to question when conditions change in that way because I think that's wrong, so I wanted to hurry." It is clear what happened " Vettel said.

Third, it closed the qualification Valtteri Bottas, who is not satisfied with his result, as he is confident that his speed would be a good start for him.

"I'm not far away, but the differences in this piece are always small – says Finn. – I knew that this weekend took my speed to the pole, and I was there, but I did not get the start. In the second attempt, I was better than two tenths of a second, but we lost everything in the last turn and back straight, which was quite depressing.

The 6th place Daniel Ritchard you can start from position 11 on Sundays, but be sure of the performance of your car. Of course, he is not happy to grab again with Max Verstappent's teammate, but after deciding who could not start from the first place, he did not particularly care for the smallest defeat.

"Max was two squares faster and that's the difference between the past. This battle, however, did not go to the pole, so it's a bit more tolerable – says the Red Bull driver. – Everything went well, but from eleventh place I will have some work, but I feel like I have the right car. At the end there was not a bad speed with a little fuel, so we can be good on Sunday afternoon."

Max Verstappen is more or less satisfied with a new problem that often hits Red Bull in qualifying. The Netherlands, however, are not bothered by this because they know they would not have done much better with a little better performance.

"I think the car's balance is not the best for this year's calendar, but I do not think it will change this world, we will be close to Kymi, that's it. it makes it easier for me to be Sunday when it gets a little warmer " Verstappen said.

The Grand Prix of Brazil Sunday begins at 18.10 Hungarian time.

first Lewis Hamilton British Mercedes 1: 07 281 average: 230,561 km / h
second Sebastian Vettel German Ferrari 1: 07374 0.093 sec.
third Valtteri Bottas Finnish Mercedes 1: 07,441 0160
4th Kimi Räikkönen Finnish Ferrari 1: 07,456 0175
5th Max Verstappen Dutch Red Bull-TAG Heuer 1: 07,778 0497
6th Daniel Ritchard * Australian Red Bull-TAG Heuer 1: 07,780 0499
7th Marcus Ericsson Swedish Alfa Romeo Sauber 1: 08,296 1015
8th Charles Leclerc Monaco Alfa Romeo Sauber 1: 08,492 1211
9th Romain Grosjean French Haas Ferrari 1: 08,517 1236
10th Pierre Gasly French Toro Rosso-Honda 1: 09 029 1748
11th Kevin Magnussen Danish Haas Ferrari 1: 08,659 0932
12th Sergio Pérez Mexican Mercedes-RPFI 1: 08,741 1014
13th Esteban Ocon * French Mercedes-RPFI 1: 08,770 1043
14th Nick Hullkenberg German Renault 1: 08,834 1107
15th Sergei Shirotkin Russian Williams Mercedes 1: 10 381 2654
16th Carlos Sainz Jr. Spanish Renault 1: 09 269 1064
17th Brenton Hartley new Zealand Toro Rosso-Honda 1: 09,280 1075
18th Fernando Alonso Spanish McLaren-Renault 1: 09,402 1197
19th Lance Walk Canadian Williams Mercedes 1: 09 441 1236
20th Stoffel Vandoorne Belgian McLaren-Renault 1: 09 601 1396
* ranked at five starting points compared to their location

first Verstappen 1: 08,205 first Bottas 1: 07 727
second Raikkonen 1: 08,452 second Vettel 1: 07,776
third Vettel 1: 08,452 third Hamilton 1: 07,795
4th Hamilton 1: 08,464 4th Verstappen 1: 08 017
5th Magnussen 1: 08,474 5th Raikkonen 1: 08 028
6th Bottas 1: 08,492 6th Ricciardo 1: 08 055
7th Ricciardo 1: 08,544 7th Grosjean 1: 08 239
8th Leclerc 1: 08,667 8th Leclerc 1: 08 335
9th Grosjean 1: 08,735 9th Ericsson 1: 08,579
10th Ericsson 1: 08,754 10th Gasly 1: 08,616
11th Hulkenberg 1: 09 009 11th Magnussen 1: 08,659
12th Gasly 1: 09,046 12th Pérez 1: 08,741
13th Pérez 1: 09 217 13th Ocón 1: 08,770
14th Szirotkin 1: 09 259 14th Hulkenberg 1: 08,834
15th Ocón 1: 09 264 15th Szirotkin 1: 10 381
16th Sainz 1: 09 269
17th Hartley 1: 09,280
18th Alonso 1: 09,402
19th ride 1: 09 441
20th Vandoorne 1: 09 601

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