Fewer flights, inflation and tax increases – all of which could lead to dramatic price increases next year, Michael O’Leary told the Sunday Times.

Vacation tourism could increase dramatically next year, predicted the head of the discount airline Ryanair. According to Michael O’Leary, this is exactly what could cause the price to rise, because there is not enough capacity to cope with the growing demands. Due to the pandemic, air fleets have been reduced everywhere: Thomas Cook with 6 million seats, Flybe with 8 million and Norwegians with almost 24 million.

Next year, this will reduce capacity for short-haul flights by about 20%. Inflationary pressures and environmental taxes contribute to congestion. However, Ryanair wanted to reduce prices in order to “gain market share in the rest”.

EasyJet planned to lay off 4,500 employees in May, he writes BBC gate. This low-cost airline is pessimistic about the near future, as it believes it will be able to return to pre-pandemic traffic by 2023. Many airlines are threatening further layoffs in this area if booking figures are not improved. until the end of September.

They also criticize the British government for its anti-virus policy: it often changes which countries you can travel to and which not.

This summer was a missed opportunity BBC A spokesman for the Airlines industry in the UK, who attributed the poor attendance to “persistence in costly and difficult PCR tests everywhere. If we remain so lone wolves, we will not return to 2019 levels”.

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