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Snow 7 cm thick was measured there

It snows from dawn in the northeast and southwest of the country, where the cold front has cooled the air near the freezing point – can be read and seen on the Weather website. As they wrote, more than 1-2 cm fell in most places, but there are places where the snow cover is thicker than that: one of their observers in Szentgotthárd measured 7 cm.

The weather forecast predicts strong, stormy northwest winds, rain and snow on Tuesday due to the intense cold front that hit the country. During the day, rainfall is gradually reduced to a smaller and smaller area, in the afternoon we can expect even less rain in the southeast, and in the northwest we can expect showers and snowfall. Late in the afternoon, clouds will begin to fall from the northwest. The wind west-northwest will be strong and strong. During the day, only 4-9 degrees are expected and then rapid cooling can be expected.

By Wednesday, it is forecast that in sunny and cumulative weather, many parts of the area may experience scattered rain and snow, and in some places the sky may thunder. The west, northwest wind will be strong, in some places windy. In the morning the temperature will be between -7, 0 and in the afternoon between 3-9 degrees.

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