A small Japanese island disappeared, the Coast Guard ships are looking for


The ships of the Japanese Coast Guard are searching for the Ohotsky Sea in Eszan after the island of Hanakita Kodzsima, for it has disappeared unexpectedly. In Eszan, Hanakita Kodzsima is one of the 158 uninhabited islands named by the Japanese government four years ago in order to clearly define the line of maritime borders with Russia. This border dispute is not closed, this is the reason why Russia and Japan have not yet signed an agreement with the two sides. World War II.

In international law, only the formation is an island that rises above sea level, and if the island of Hanakita Kodzsima is no longer an island, then the Japanese waters have also shrunk. Of course, the island was still very small, so small that the nearest fishing village, less than 500 meters from the island, did not even notice its disappearance.

Instead, a writer discovered that the island had disappeared, he was about to write a book about these islands, so that he would have visited the Kodan of Hanaim. When he did not find it, he spoke to the local fishing authority.

The Coast Guard, which now searches for the islands for the last 30 years on the island, was raised by 140 centimeters from the sea. Experts say the combined effect of harsh weather, wind and snow, and sea level rise may be responsible for the disappearance of the island. Accordingly, the island probably did not exist when the Japanese government listed it to the Russians to designate the border. (Telegraph)



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