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Wu Mengda liver cancer worsens, Miruta Qiwen breaks out and Zhou Xingchi’s sister goes to hospital to see last (17:20) -20210227-SHOWBIZ

[Σήμερα άμεσα]Wu Mengda liver cancer has gotten worse and he is seriously ill. He is currently in the intensive care unit of the hospital, accompanied by his wife, daughters and family members. Relatives and friends have also come to the hospital for the last meeting.

Tian Qiwen was interviewed by the media after the visit and revealed that Dago was at the stage of death and the doctor was expected to die in a few hours. He said that Da Ge did not know that his condition would be so serious and he believed that he would recover and be fired, so he did not confess anything to his wife, but the work in question was completed and he did not get a new job because he knew he was physically ill. .

Tian Qiwen always hoped that Dago would recover, but he must always face reality. Now he can only accept that Dago will leave. He said Zhou Xingchi knew about Da Ge. As for Stephen Chow’s last meeting with Da Ge at the hospital, he said, “He only asked me about my current condition. I only knew the real situation right now. (I will contact Stephen Chow again to see if I can does it) to come to the hospital;) Communicating with him is not very helpful, because Stephen Chow’s sister came to see Da Ge on his behalf. Do not use Stephen Chow for everything. I do not want everyone to focus on the wrong part.

As for the aftermath of Da Ge, Tian Qiwen said he had spoken to his family and that he would prepare and hold a memorial service for his attorney. He said Dago has savings and his family has no financial problems.

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