MPFA data: about 8,000 cases of MPF withdrawal due to permanent retirement in the second quarter increased by almost 4% in the fourth quarter – Yahoo Hong Kong News


  1. MPFA data: In the second quarter, about 8,000 cases of MPF withdrawal for permanent departure from Hong Kong increased by almost 4% quarter on quarterYahoo News Hong Kong
  2. Immigration wave: 8,000 cases of MPF funds withdrawn due to permanent departure in the second quarter increased 4% quarter on quarterHong Kong 01
  3. The number of permanent departures from Hong Kong is increasing, the people of Hong Kong withdraw 2.1 billion yuan in MPF ​​within three months, more than double the corresponding period last year | Position reportPosition news
  4. Hong Kong Financial Newspaper Real-Time News – Permanent departure from Hong Kong for MPF withdrawal for almost 2.1 billion in the second quarter, with 8,000 casesHong Kong Economic Journal
  5. [Immigrationwave?[Μεταναστευτικόκύμα;】ΣτοδεύτεροτρίμηνοτοMPF”οριστικήςαποχώρησηςαπότοΧονγκΚονγκ”πουαπέσυρεMPFαυξήθηκεκατά33%σεετήσιαβάσησε8000περιπτώσειςκαιτοποσόδιπλασιάστηκεσε21δισεκατομμύρια-HongKongEconomicTimes-RealTimeNewsChannelHong Kong Economic Times-News
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