You will get stuck with the trailer of Project Magnum, the new loot shooter with amazing graphics


Lately we have seen various games from Asian development teams catch the eye of the gaming community, with Black Myth: Wukong being the first and best. Now to this list is added Project MagnumThe

This is a new one loot sniper, such as Borderlands and Outriders, developed by the Korean NAT GAMES. The title is under development for PlayStation consoles and computers and combines RPG elements with third-person shooter action. Players will have at their disposal various skills, actions and weapons, to participate in large-scale PvE battles with huge bosses.

As you can see from the audiovisual material that follows, the graphics of the game are extremely impressive, while the music, editing and rhythm of the trailer definitely raise the adrenaline.

Finally, the release date of Project Magnum (which is not the final name) has not yet been revealed.


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