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Windows 10 October 2018 Update comes on Tuesday?


Microsoft seems to be preparing for another attempt to sell Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Preparations are under way for 13 November (Tuesday). It will be the second and hopefully the latest upgrade system upgrade effort in the 1809 edition.

Windows 10 OctoberThus, by November 13, the file "MediaCreationTool1809Oct.exe" will be replaced with a newer one, but for the time being it is still in version 17763.1 which means it is connected to the Windows 10 October 2018 Update problem.

"Windows as a service" sounded like a very good idea in 2015 when Microsoft first released Windows 10. But since last October, the company will probably have to revise the way the model works. The problems of the 1809 issue continued in November.

The last issue occurred on November 8th when Windows was suddenly losing their activation status. Device owners were informed by Microsoft that they no longer had a valid digital license and that they were using a "non-genuine copy of Windows".

Activation problems seem to have been resolved, but Microsoft has not even asked for an apology.

In the Windows-as-a-service era, we should be accustomed to such occasional problems. But customers have the right to receive timely and valid updates when problems arise that something Microsoft does not seem to do with pleasure, and many times it does not do it at all.

Yesterday we mentioned another amazing with the new Microsoft model.

The company reports that all problems of version 1809 have been repaired with cumulative updates released on October 16 and 20. But if you are one of those who installed version 1809 from the first week that was available, there is no way to install these updates. Or there is a .. Register to Windows Insider, and become another tester of its operating company.

This of course is not right. Customers that are supposed to run an official (and stable) version of Windows should not be enrolled as beta testers to install critical fixes.


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