Videos that show that they are “burning” for each other


The couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck made a complete return to the red carpet. After 18 years they are together again and the photographers were thirsty to see them at an official event. This thirst was quenched with the above, as the two of them at the Venice Film Festival where they appeared, did not skimp at all to show their feelings. What kisses, what looks, what not to leave each other’s hand! The video that follows and shows them the moment they arrive at the festival is typical of what happens between them …

And the photos:

THE Jenifer Lopez, in a super sexy dress, which highlighted her striking neckline, walked arm in arm with Ben Affleck on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, with flashes shining on them.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: All eyes on them in Venice

The famous couple was present at the premiere of the movie “The Last Duel”, making their first appearance at an official event, since April, when they reconnected after the separation of the explosive Latina with her ex-partner, Rodriguez.

Watch the official trailer of the movie:

The last duel  Official trailer  20th Century Studios

Ben Affleck is one of the protagonists of the expensive production along with Jodi Komer, Matt Damon and Adam Driver. The 49-year-old actor plays the role of Count Pierre of Alençon, in the historical drama that is expected to “break the box office” in cinemas around the world.

Jennifer Lopez, although she has no role in the film, was the one who with her impressive presence attracted the flashes of the photographers, while Ben Affleck boasted smiling next to her.

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