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The Greek ace is pushing for Limani, but there is a big obstacle. Who does not want and why the Greek defender in red and white and how his case is connected with Ruben Semedo. However, time is pressing for the transfer to be closed permanently …

Olympic: There has been a lot of talk in the last few hours about the future of Dimitris Siovas and Piraeus, as the international Greek stopper is without a team and, obviously, his name has been associated with the Red and Whites.

Although the information on the subject is specific, there is some information that can help us better understand what is happening in the five minutes of completing transfers for free agents.

The report states that Pedro Martins wants Semedo to return to the team (because with Marinaki’s decision and not with Martins’ decision he was in the fridge) and this is the reason why Siovas does not give the ok to sign!

On the other hand, however, the administration wants Ruben Semedo to stay out and Siovas to come in his place and that is what has confused things so much!

Since it seems that the way for Martins to turn on the green light and for the Greek ace to come to Olympiakos, is for the administration to turn on the green light first and for Semedo to thaw!

In this case, of course, which will have all the nods to everyone, Olympiacos will have five front line stoppers (Socrates, Semedo, Siova, Ba, Cisse) and two others (Markovic, Abraham) who will complete the seven stopper … Is it possible to do such a thing?

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