Wednesday , October 20 2021

ND: You see Mr. Tsipra POLICY


"While Mr. Tsipras declares an admirer and presents an idealized picture of Greece, offending the citizens and underestimating their intelligence, the international press reveals what is really happening in our country," ND said in an informative note.

"It seems that the king of lie, populism and propaganda is naked when he is not protected by the Greek media he controls," they add.

Piraeus notes that only four articles have been published in leading newspapers and magazines in Europe over the last 48 hours – a shame for the government of Mr Tsipras, each of which deals with a different policy area of ​​his failure.
Specifically, the main opposition party reports the following reports:

1. Deutsche Welle for Education

Deutsche Welle entered the Greek universities and, with an extensive article, shows what pretends the government is not seeing. That Greek universities have been handed over to drug dealers. "Drug gangs and traffickers are acting unpunished within Greek universities," writes the journalist of Deutsche Welle and her reportage "adorns" pictures of syringes in the ASOCI. "Used syringes and other aids are scattered across the University's paths, while students pass between them. One can see students maneuvering to avoid lousy drug users, "he says. The article presents the history of university asylum and emphasizes that "while the purpose of the law is to ensure freedom of thought, it has given drug dealers, addicts and other criminals free to install illegal activities at universities, posing a threat to students and staff ". Indeed, it is underlined that asylum was "abolished in 2011 but came into force six years later, by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' left-wing government."

What else has to be done to make the government understand that it is humiliating the country now and internationally, having transformed the so-called university asylum into an avatars of lawlessness?

2. Handelsblatt, on economic policy

At the same time, the German Handelsblatt reveals with yesterday's extensive article the election bail of Mr Tsipras's benefits and appointments with the money he collected by busting the middle class taxes. He even uses the word "Rousseti" to describe the policy by which the outgoing Prime Minister deliberately chooses to hurt Greece, keeping the country out of markets and undermining the future of all Greeks, rescuing himself and his appointed friends. The article refers to the rise in the number of remitters and the increase in the cost of government payroll by € 2 billion (almost as much as an ENFIA) for the suzerainty of SYRIZA. Mr. Tsipras ends the way he started. Lying and Rousfeti tries to mislead the people and save himself. Soon he will surrender to oblivion.

The newspaper specifically portrays the "tench of left-wing populism" as the announcement of 10,000 new recruits after the agreement with the Church. Because, as stated in the article, "the state should continue to pay clergy. Costs are simply transferred from payroll costs to another category of budget expenditure. " He adds that "since Tsipras assumed his duties, salary costs rose again from 15.6 to 17.6 billion euros. And above all, there has been a significant increase in the number of recruits employed by each new government in Greece. These well paid retired positions are covered by supporters of the respective government, often by relatives of deputies and ministers. During the Tsipra period the number of these advisers increased from 1,888 to 2,522. "

3. Economist, for security

Finally, the Economist, in an article titled "How a group of rioters in Athens goes unpunished," refers to the illegal action of Rubikon and underlining the view that his impunity comes precisely from the wish of the SYRIZA government to maintain its radical credentials. In fact, he likens the treatment that Mr Tsipras guarantees in Rubikon with people moving as VIPs. The internationally renowned magazine is ironically questioned whether it is "anarchy with permission" because the government does not conceal that it leaves the Rubikon unconcerned to quench. As we have seen, this is not just VIP treatment, but even more so since the organization has reached the point of asking for identification by police officers

4. Reuters, about the refugee

The international Reuters agency finally reveals another dimension of the government's cynicism and patronage failure. Beyond the issue of the € 1.6 billion given by Europe for which the government is investigated for fraud (not just mismanagement as Maximus says) from OLAF, there is also the humanitarian issue. Reuters today reveals that adolescent refugees are trapped in a vicious circle of sexual exploitation. The allegations come in addition to the numerous incidents recorded by international organizations and the international press in Moria's collage, a situation that reveals the reality behind the mask of the supposedly leftist sensitivity of Mr Tsipras' government. "

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