Saturday , June 12 2021

Natalia Germanou accepted the challenge and sat in the field without … filters!

Some time ago, Natalia Germanou, reading the tweets about the "filters" she has or did not have her camera had answered in the air of her show. "I will get the help of the director. Pericles I have a lot of filters in the camera? I have one; I have a very good picture setting says the director and the truth is that Alpha's setting is HD, it's also the last resource. I just have very good and bright lights. The acclaim goes to Mr. Akis Barbouzanis, director of photography. To answer the second part of the question, I have never asked for such a thing when I appear. Never never never!".

This time he took a step further, changing his position with Fotini Petrogyannis when a tweet commented: "Let's see now that Fotini with Natalia's filters will look as she stood in her chair." Initially, the two collaborators sat together in the same shot, and then, after the director's instigation, Natalia took the position of Fotini …

"How much difference does it have now? Do not be exposed, do not become a joke! No, no difference? "Natalia commented when she sat in the opposite armchair.

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