He gave 500 euros to the nurse and asked her to … throw the liquid on the floor


Alginate impression is caused by the superficial incidents fake vaccination certificates. According to the ANT1 bulletin, a man appeared at the Mega vaccination center in Maroussi and gave it to the nurse, who would give him the second dose of the vaccine, 500 euros, so that he would not go ahead.

Specifically, he asked the nurse to take the money and … throw the liquid on the floor.

He even demanded from the nurse to go through the records how the vaccine was made in order for the man, who is wanted by the police, to receive the vaccination certificate.

The whirlwind of revelations regarding the “factory” of administration continues unabated forged certificates, which was set up at Health Center of Palama of KarditsaThe

Although from Sworn Administrative Examination directly ordered by the Commander of the 5th RAE, Fotis Seretis identified 34 fake vaccination certificates, A large number of them appear to have been channeled exclusively to health workers, raising concerns about the further spread of the coronavirus in central hospital units.

To date, from the total of 34 fake certificates with “cradle” him Palama of Karditsa, have been identified:

· 4 forged certificates at the G. Gennimatas Hospital of Thessaloniki, which were in the possession of a permanent administrative employee – a first degree relative with the “protagonist” of the case, an administrative employee in Palamas, a nurse and two ambulances.
· 3 forged certificates in Kozani, where one was located as a nurse at Mamatsio Hospital and the other two at Health Centers of the prefecture,
· But also a fake certificate at the AHEPA Hospital of Thessaloniki, which is allegedly owned by a nurse, whose wife works at the G. Gennimatas Hospital, in Thessaloniki.

The fact, in fact, that the false vaccination certificates from Palamas ended up in her hospitals Thessaloniki and her Kozani (ie hospital units all under the 3rd RAE) is also interpreted by the fact that the administrative employee allegedly involved in the case, originally from the prefecture of Serres, had previously served in a co-capital hospital, before moving to the Palamas Health Center near Karditsa. service of her husband. In addition, her family and friendly environment had a direct connection with the health sector, which she took care to “settle” in terms of the pending vaccination.

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