Thursday , January 28 2021

Crete SPORTS FM 87,6 – Impressive demonstration of the F-16 with thousands of fans-fans !!!


With great interest, institutional representatives and thousands of people have watched today the impressive air show with F-16 in the air space of the coastal area "Karavola" of Heraklion.

The air show organized by the Air Force – Air Show Group F-16 "Zeus" and the Region of Crete, was crowned with precision, success and caused the admiration and applause of both small and large. The air show on Ag. Minas, was part of the Air Force celebrations.

The Aviation General Staff, honoring aviation aide Michael Archangelos, accepted the Region's proposal and participated in the ZEUS Air Show Group, with an aircraft F16 and pilot the flight crew member Dimitris Volakakis.

The Regional Governor of Crete from Karavola, where he watched together with citizens the impressive demonstration of the Air Force, sent his greetings for many years to all Heracliotes and Cretans for the feast of St. Minas, while on behalf of the Region of Crete he thanked the pilots, aviation that again responded to the Region's request for impressive demonstration. "We thank the Air Force, all the sailors and their families. It's good to fly. We are proud to have such pilots in Greece. Congratulations and be good, "said Arnaoutakis. The Regional Governor earlier along with the attendees had a conversation with Pilots of the Zeus team informed about the operation of the team and the demonstration characteristics as well as other useful information about F-16 and the Battle of the Air Force.

The pilot was impressed by seeing from above the gigantic blue-white to wiggle the thousands of people

The Region of Crete then ate lunch at the "Zeus" team, where the Air Pilot Pilot Demetris Volakakis was present. The team was welcomed by the President of the Regional Council, Giorgos Pitsoulis, who, on behalf of the District Governor Stavros Arnaoutakis, gave souvenirs and a collectible medal of the 100 years of the Union of Crete celebrations with Greece to the show pilot and the Zeus group. For his part, Deputy Dimitris Volakakis, thanking Mr. Arnaoutakis, gave a gift to Mr. Pitsoulis, a painting showing his performance F-16 of the "Zeus" team. Mr. Volakakis expressed his joy for today's show, saying that he also "enjoyed it from above", while he said that he was particularly impressed by the beautiful sight of the sky with thousands of people watching like Manoli's giant blue-white Vouchsala waving. It was evidence, added and especially the flag that worked very positively, a distinct sense in his psychology. Finally Mr. Volakakis thanked Mr. Arnaoutakis, the Region, Mr. Pitsoulis for the cooperation of the organization of the successful event, as well as their colleagues from the "Z, the coordinating officer, Antissinarchos SA, Giorgos Costakis, and all the citizens who responded.

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