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British film "Ray and Liz" triumphs at the Thessaloniki Film Festival – All the winners

A 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival was successfully awarded with a prize in a British film.

The routine of a modern family on the outskirts of Birmingham and on the sidelines of society as described in Ray and Liz, the British visual artist Richard Billinson, was awarded the Best Golden Gold Award – Theodoros Aggelopoulos, accompanied by a prize of 8.000 and that's how the curtain of one of the most successful, mainly in terms of tickets, Thessaloniki Film Festival fell.

"Ray and Liz" is the big winner at TIFF

This year's full-length halls for the 10-day Festival were almost 100% and not just in afternoon and evening projections, as queues out of the halls were starting early in the morning. As far as the festival audience is concerned, aged between 35 and 55 years old, residents of the city, many visitors, Greeks and foreigners.

Regarding the awards:

The Jury Special Prize – Argyros Alexander she received the film "All Good" by Eva Trombie from Germany. The film records the decision of a woman who falls victim to rape, to heal the trauma with silence, believing that she will regain control by reason.

Special Jury Prize – Silver Alexander in "All Good"

The award-winning film in which Trobis also writes the script is her graduate work in film and script study.

The Special Jury Prize for Best Direction – Bronze Alexander was awarded to the Thai director, Puckyong Arundpang, for the film "Diaboloparkos". In a seaside village in southern Thailand, near a border with Myanmar, a fisherman finds an injured person unconscious. He cares for him, they become friends until … the fisherman disappears and the stranger takes his place – his home, his job, his ex-wife …

Award for female interpretation for Marissa Triandafyllidou

Awards for interpretation

-The Male Interpretation Prize was awarded to Danish actor Jacob Schiedergren for his performance in the film "The Guilty".

-Feminine Interpretation Award was received by Marissa Triantafyllidou for her performance in the film "Her Work" and German Enne Swartz for her performance in "All Good".

Special mention in Marius Piperidis 'Piercing Hendrix'

Special remarks

Artistic Achievement Award: In the photo of Thai Nawarofat Rungfimbunsofit for the film "Diabolopouro".

Special prizes were given by the jury in the films: "Piercing Hendrix" by Marios Piperidis (Cyprus, Germany, Greece) and "Sokrates" by Alex Morato (Brazil)

The Virtual Reality Award (Virtual Reality) of the Festival awarded the Best Film Award (accompanied by the 3,000-euro grant – sponsored by the Greek Film Center) in the film "Scar" by: Nikos Kasevakia and Martinez Alle, France, USA

"Pause" by Tonia Misialis

The Jury of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) awarded the awards:

For the Competition Section in the movie: "Wife" by Meriem Benbarek (France, Qatar)

For Greek Film of the Greek Film Festival 2018 (premiere) in the film: "Pause" by Tonia Misialis, Cyprus, Greece.

The Pan-Hellenic Film Critics Association she chose the film "Real River" by Aggelos Frantzis (Greece, France, Latvia) for her prize.

The TV station of the Parliament of the Greeks (Parliament-Television) awarded the "Human Values" award to the International Competition Section film "Pope Bowling" by Pouitsong Arunphen from Thailand.

ERT has been awarded this year two prizes at the festival: The first one accompanied by a prize of € 3,000 in the Greek film that won the Fischer Prize: "Shelter II: The Ice Path" by Christos Nikoleris (Greece) and the second prize (accompanied by a prize money of 2,000 euros) in the Greek film that won the Fipresci Award: "Pause" by Tonia Misialis (Cyprus, Greece)

The prize of the Greek Cinema Center (EKK) awarded the prize (€ 5,000) to a film of a new Greek director / first-time Greek director who premiered in the official program, directed by Steve Krikri for his film "THE WAITER"

THE WAITER by Steve Krikri

– The Best Location Award, awarded by the Hellenic Film Commission Directorate of the GFC, to location managers (or directors, if there is no location manager) of a film of a new Greek director / first-time Greek director who premiered in the official program was awarded to Dimitris Chalkiadakis for the same film (THE WAITER by Steve Krikri)

– The films "The Right Pocket of the Race" by Yannis B. Lopata (Greece) and "SCOPOPHILIA" by: Natalia Lambropoulou and Electra Aggelopoulou (Greece) received the Youth Prizes (the committee consists of students from the Universities of Thessaloniki)

– The "Mermaid Award" (Independent Award for the Best Film of LGBTQI thematic of the official program of the Thessaloniki Film Festival) was awarded to the film "Sokrates" of "Alex Morato" from Brazil, while the WIFT (Women in Film & ) was awarded to "Do not Touch Me" by Antina Pintilie (Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France).

– The FISCHER Audience Award for the International Competition of the 59th Thessaloniki International Film Competition was awarded to the film "The culprit" by Gustav Meyer (Denmark) and to the film "Refuge II: The Ice Path" by Christos Nikoleris.

"Butterflies" by Tolga Karacelik

For the FISCHER Audience Award for a film in the Balkans of the 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the film "Butterflies" by Tolga Karacelik (Turkey.

From the "Open Horizons" section of the 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the audience chose the … filmed "Twelve-Year Night" (the 12 years of imprisonment and torture of a Tuparam group, from the Uruguayan Junta, in the twelve years 1973-1985, among the Jos' Mujica – also known as' Pepe ', who later became president of his country). The film "The 12-year Night" was directed by Alvaro Brewer.

The closing ceremony the festival was short with host actor Yiorgos Nanouris and last movie "Girl" coming out in the halls on Thursday, November 15th.

Countdown now for the May Documentary Festival.

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