After the “monkey” vaccination certificates now and false rapid test – How much do they cost


Salos has been provoked in public opinion after the revelation with her issuance of fake vaccination certificates in Palamas, Karditsa.
At the same time, however, the vice-president of the Panhellenic Medical Association, Anna Mastorakou, reveals that pressure is being exerted on doctors to issue not only fake vaccination certificates but also false ones. quick test.

Specifically, as he told MEGA on Monday morning, “the centers carry out the tests and record the result in the covid register, so the interested party, depending on the result, has the corresponding result. “There are citizens who are pushing doctors, centers for false positive rapid test for a fee.” “It has been reported by doctors,” he said.

As he said we are talking about 100-200 euros for the issuance of a false positive test, so that the disease certificate is issued and the vaccination is avoided for six months.

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The medical world refuses, but the pressure is too great and somewhere a doctor may have given in. “There are complaints in Kavala, Patras and in many areas, Chalkida, Drama. An investigation has been launched. There are reports that come under the microscope. “There are also reports that vaccinators have infiltrated lines of vaccination centers.” “There are antivirals who do it for ideological reasons and others who do it for financial reasons,” he explained.

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