Wednesday , February 24 2021

AEK: He will get a defensive hack. – He does not deal with the Arachos

December is approaching and AEK, according to the current data, will acquire a defensive instrument.

The people of AEK have decided to fill the gap they left in August with the acquisition of a medium during the winter transcription period. In a nutshell, the Union will have at its disposal, in January, the new hack that will feature Simoes, Galanopoulos and Alef.

At the same time, AEK does not discuss the aid for another position, according to the current data. Neither do we think that there is enough with Boege, Bakasseta, Mandalos, Gianniotas and Albanes, while from February they also expect Lopez. Neither is aggressive because there are Ponce, Livayya and Giakoumakis, and so the scenario of interest for the return of the Sergeant Arachos was categorically contradicted.

Indeed, Marinos Ouzounidis has already checked several cases of hackers to end up with … elected officials with the AEK administration.

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