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Who wants to be a millionaire?: Ice Cold! The candidate says Jauch believes everyone

“Who will be a millionaire?”: Candidate tough – Jauch says what everyone thinks

February 27, 2021 at 11:55 a.m.

Kathrin Kirste at

Kathrin Kirste in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Photo: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Now someone said it! Who would have thought? With “Who wants to be a millionaire?“One candidate has spoken clearly now and told Günther Jauch what many spectators have been thinking for a long time.

Because Kathrin Kirste took the opportunity and faced “Who wants to be a millionaire?“-Mediator Günther Jauch during transmission with a point of criticism that the RTL-The public has been irritated for years.

Who wants to be a millionaire?(RTL): The candidate speaks Tacheles

In a brief preview of the news “Who wants to be a millionaire?“The publication promises above all the candidate Kathrin Kirste to cause loud laughter. Günther Jauch wants to know from her, “Who is the biggest killer overall in ‘Wer wird Millionär?’ ” is. “

Kathryn answers very narrowly: “The shopping break.” And it seems to speak from the soul of many spectators. Why: Anyone who has seen the RTL quiz knows how nervous it is when Günther Jauch takes a commercial break just before the breakup.


This is “Who wants to be a millionaire?” (RTL):

  • The RTL quiz show “Who wants to be a millionaire?” It has been on television since 1999
  • Günther Jauch coordinates the form
  • “Wer wird Millionaire;” It is the German version of the British show “Who wants to be a millionaire”
  • Each candidate has a chance to win € 1 million – provided they land in the coveted quiz chair after the selection round
  • In this case, he will be asked up to 15 questions about general knowledge
  • The player has four possible answers to each question
  • Many jokers can make the quiz easier for the player
  • You can apply online


Who wants to be a millionaire?“- Candidate dreams of this TV star as a shopping assistant

Günther Jauch did not seem to expect this answer from Kathrin and immediately had to laugh. But it is not the only moment that makes the candidate such a wonderful staff.

Kathryn says she would like to close a profit-making shopping assistant. “I think shopping is terrible,” said the participant. A problem with which she is certainly not alone.

Kathryn already knows who to send as a personal shopper: None of the designer Guido Maria Kretschmer will put the perfect clothes in her dreams.


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Watch “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” on TVNOW

You could see if he really did it so far on Monday from 8.15pm. on RTL. If you missed the show, you can watch it on TVNOW. Then you also see Twerk’s brave performance at the end of the show. Yes, you read that correctly. After answering the question of 16,000 euros, the participant got up and put a warm sole on the floor.


This is RTL:

  • RTL stands for Radio Television Luxembourg
  • The station was founded on January 2, 1984 as RTL Plus
  • The station is based in Luxembourg from 1984 to 1987
  • It has been located in Cologne since 1988


In the previous episode, another candidate caused a great deal of excitement. Jasmin Jasper burst into tears.

Its amazing. Günther Jauch gave his candidate the correct answer. This has consequences for the coordinator.

This innovation is not only good for the public. What about “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

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