WhatsApp: Mega-change is imminent – good for users


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Group discussions in WhatsApp can be extremely disturbing for a variety of reasons. The news service is now charged with an update. At present, however, only a few users can enjoy it.

Munich – Many users of WhatsApp have been impatient with this development for years. As reported in the news service that updates the "WABetaInfo" blog, it should be possible in the future to decide independently which group of conversations you want to be invited to. So far, each user could get each other in the right groups – without having to wait for his approval. As a result, WhatsApp users have often landed in conversations that they wanted to escape as quickly as possible due to the abundance of news, unmarried members, or just an inappropriate subject.

WhatsApp initially only changes to beta

This must be over. At least the upcoming beta version for iPhone should contain an update, after which one can adjust who can be invited to group conversations. The new version of WhatsApp provides three setup options. The user can choose to continue to include someone in the WhatsApp universe in such conversations. In addition, it can be set that this is only possible for users from their own contact list. Or just for anyone.

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WhatsApp: Within 72 hours you must respond to an invitation

Any invitation to a group discussion by a person not activated will be submitted and the user will have 72 hours to decide on or against the entry. Otherwise, the chance to become a member of the team will be forfeited. Of course, it is also possible to join the group via the corresponding invitation link. The decision about the circle of the respective administrators of a group can be set via the "Settings – Account – Privacy – Groups" path.

However, it is still unclear when this sure-to-eat feature will also hit the market in regular versions for Android or iOs. For developmental technical reasons, at this time only beta can be used.

Users should have been waiting a long time for this: WhatsApp with major changes in group conversations.

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