Wellness Day will receive a free upgrade tomorrow with lots of new content


The Sims 4: Spa Day published in 2015 for life simulation. Now, six years later, the game package is being upgraded again and new content has been added. With the extra content, your Sims should be able to turn off even better in the future, because everything is still for relaxation and beauty.

An upgrade for Sims 4: Spa Day – It’s in

With the update, various contents and even game features will be added, which among other things incorporate more small sims and bring a little more flexibility and color to the extension:

  • New treatment program: Face masks, manicures and pedicures will add value to the relaxation game and bring new nail polish to the game, with many different colors, designs and shapes.
  • New operation and ambition: With Internal peace also finds a new ambition in the game, as well as a new feature called Intensive maintenanceThe latter causes Sims to worry about everyday problems, which can be easily reversed with a visit to the wellness center.
  • Children’s yoga: So far, only adult Sims have been able to discover the inner yogi. With information, however, children can now also practice yoga and meditation to find their zen.
  • New job positions: For your Sims there is now the option as Zen-Guru the Self-care specialist Become professionally active and thus win Simoleons. Among other things, they teach other Sims to gain control through attention.

When does the update appear? If you have “Wellness Day”, you only have to register until 7In September Be patient. From this day you can get the game package completely free update, either on Xbox, PlayStation or PC. If you want to buy the package again, it stays that way Price 19.99 euros the same, of course.


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