Sarah Engels: Intimate insight! The singer turns herself on the bed with Julian


Sarah Engels is filmed in bed with her husband Julian – there have rarely been such intimate flashes

September 30, 2021 at 7:08 a.m.

Sarah Lombardi: her path from the DSDS candidate to the pop star

Sarah Lombardi: her path from the DSDS candidate to the pop star

Sarah Lombardi became famous through the talent show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. There he took second place in 2011 in the 8th season. Then he even reached number 2 in the German charts. We present you her career.

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Sarah Engels She likes to give her fans a picture of her daily life on Instagram, but the singer has never been as familiar as she is now. Together with her newlywed husband Julian, it was expected Sarah Engels their second child.

Although Sarah Engels she is now very pregnant, there is no peace between the two. Instead – in a private video, the two now show each other very closely.

Scree Engels films himself and her husband Julian Engels in bed

Wow, what a day! Get in touch after an exciting event Sarah Engels late at night to talk again from her wedding bed. In her Instagram story, the 28-year-old explains: “It was really a very nice night. I have eaten until I go and we will sleep now. So goodnight!”

But sleeping is not yet an option with Sarah and her husband Julian. Because a little later, the singer publishes an extremely familiar video with the two in her story.


This is Sarah Engels:

  • Sarah Engels was born on October 15, 1992 in Cologne
  • The singer became famous as the second in the eighth season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”
  • Sarah’s mother is from Italy
  • From 2013 to 2019 Sarah was married to singer Pietro Lombardi – the former couple has a son named Alessio
  • In November 2020 he won the disguise show “The Masked Singer”
  • Sarah has been married to former Bonn player Julian Besser since May 30, 2021 – the couple was named Engels
  • The two are now expecting their first child together – a daughter


Sarah Engels and Julian were very close: everyone can see this

“Too much love,” she comments on the recording in which Julian has his head between her legs. While Sarah is lying on her back, Julian stretches his head between her thighs and kisses his wife’s naked baby very carefully. Hui, pretty sexy!

That Sarah wants to keep the fire in her relationship even as pregnant, her fans have been able to see again and again in the past. The musician and footballer recently took a vacation for a couple without Sarah’s son, Alessio, and enjoyed some company in Italy.

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When the two returned home, a big surprise awaited Sarah and Julian.

Her ex-husband Pietro Lombardi is currently plagued by sleepless nights. You can find out why here.

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