Monday , September 20 2021

Royale Family Photo for Carol's Birthday: It's Miss Queen

What a nice surprise, that
Prince Charles
for royal fans on his birthday: two photos with his wife, grandchildren, sons and daughters. Three generations, three future kings – these shots are something very special.

Here he welcomes the British royal family

With a laugh at their faces, the kings put Clarence House in the garden of Charles and Camilla's residence in London. The hosts became comfortable on a wooden bench. Sitting in the arms of Prince Charles
Prince George
, who is captured with love by his grandfather. next
Duchess Camilla
softens the little naughty
Princess Charlotte
on camera. Behind the bank have become
Duchess Catherine
Prince Louis
in the hands,
Prince William
Prince Harry
I venerated Megan
was founded. Another photo shows the Royals in the same setting, but much more relaxed and spontaneous. Pressing on the shutter took a photographer
Chris Jackson

Where's the queen?

The queen and her husband
Prince Phillip
are not visible in the photo. But why; There is no official statement. Unofficially, several reasons are reasonable.
first The Queen does not want to steal the show from her son, After all, is the price for which the photo is published.
second Photos are effective compared to other official photossuch as the latter on the occasion of the baptism of Prince Louis in July 2018, rather informal. It is very likely that the queen does not want to disturb this climate from her presence as a head of state.
third The Queen, now 92 years old, It slowly begins to move the throne to her sonAlthough she will resign only from her death, she will write British media. But he had plans to make Charles a so-called "prince prince". Inside: It remains officially on the throne but delivers "official duties". In addition, it is said that Charles has been included in the mailing list, with which the government sends Queen's news. So it is likely that the queen's absence in family photography says: The next generation, please!
For Prince Philip probably is true: His wife is missing, missing from the recording. Either way, the pictures of Prince Charles and his beloved are a feast for the fans.

Queen Elizabeth + Prince Philip

A marriage without end

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