Thursday , July 29 2021

Re-adaptation or new market? This is how your bike becomes an electronic bike

WWhen it comes to the question whether it is still advisable to upgrade a self-propelled electric bicycle, there are two groups of stakeholders who can not cope with the usual technical and legal arguments: Sparbrötchen and hobbyists. Some get the slightly cheaper prices in the eye: Even the most expensive conversion charges are below the cost price for a new pedelec, albeit with only a small margin. And for Allesselbermacher the homemade electric bicycle is just an adventure more, just because it can be a bit difficult, it's even more exciting.

Hans-Heinrich Pardey

Of course, everything is very simple in promotional promises: Conversion is a child's game and requires a little more tools and experience than removing a panel. Anyone who disputes this view is likely to be subject to business interest and excessive profit. Sure, who has a store full of pentacles from 2000 euros, who can not advise buying a modernization kit for 500 or 600 euros. And it will not grow on behalf of the customer. That's right, but it's not just financial reasons alone.

If the bike is really quality and does not talk technically about the upgrade, you will still find it hard to find a dealer or a biker who makes a conversion. More than a totally different business interest, this is due to the fact that the upgrade by the technician manufactures a responsible manufacturer, even if both the bicycle and the new car come from third parties. The assembly assistant is not only responsible for its proper work but also for the compliance of the pedelec created by its work and is available on the market with a set of standards and regulations, such as the recently revised European EN 15194 test directive.

A look at the operating instructions for a new electric bike that has been swallowed in a complete brochure with compliance statements, documentation and – often simply fun – risk warnings teaches what expense the trader should do to be safe with a technically simple conversion. For industry and for each of the series of bicycles, extensive mechanical, electrical and chemical testing has already been done by well paying service providers: there is a five-figure amount added to other development costs depending on the type of construction.

Professional retrofit with electric motor.


This eliminates everything in a completely legal do-it-yourself. The case that someone turns his good old tricycle not only with a motor limited to 250 watts to fly, but in the electronically tuned house or under thicker engine with more power that created a lightweight L1e motorcycle, which is then unacceptable without type testing and moving the locking plate, remains here. This is of course illegal.

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