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Prince Phillip is now 98! These are the 9 secrets of his life

June 15, 2019 – 14:28

Queen Elizabeth B's wife is 98 years old

It is tall (1.88 meters) and is anchored. A crazy guy who is reluctant to let others tell you where to go. Nevertheless, he must always go after his wife. This is the protocol because the woman is the boss. Nevertheless, he is an undisputed celebrity named "Duke of Hazard" in England: Duke of Risk. This is due to his loose mouth. On June 10, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and wife of Queen Elizabeth Bau (93), celebrated his 98th birthday. Read the nine secrets of his life here.

His German roots

He comes from the royal families of Greece and Denmark and was born on the Greek island of Corfu. His mother, Alice Vondenberg, was a German and his father came from a German aristocratic house, which is related to the dynasties of the Greek, Danish and Norwegian forces, as well as to the family of Russian Tsar Romanov. After a military coup, the Philips family left Greece and moved to France. The father lived with a lover in Monte Carlo, the mother lived with children (Philip and four older sisters) in Paris.

Separation makes Philips's mother mentally ill and comes to a clinic. The father does not want to take the boy. The child has relatives in Germany and visits the Schloss Salem boarding school near Lake Constance. The Prince speaks fluent German In 1933, after the seizure of power by the National Socialists, the boy was sent to France, then to England.

Philip joined after the British Navy school and fought during the Second World War to the English battalion HMS Valiant against the Germans.

In 1947 he became a British citizen and also resigned from his German name Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. Since then, he was named after his mother, Battenberg, but adopted the English version of the name: Mountbatten.

His wife is related to him

It has the 679th succession, so its claim is only theoretical. He owes this honor not to his wife, but to the fact that he is also the pre-grandson of Queen Victoria (1819-1901). Before that comes the 17 direct descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and the children and grandchildren of her sister Margaret. After that, the descendants of Elizabeth's grandparents will be aligned, only then they will fall back to the descendants of Victoria.

In 1934, the prince met with the third cousin, Princess Elizabeth. She is the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, she is one of the wonderful elders. In 1939 a reunion took place: The young princess visited with her parents and sister Margarita the Royal Nautical College in Dartmouth, where he was trained by the five-year-old Philip. Elizabeth was only 13 years old. The two started a charity that eventually became love.

For Elizabeth, she resigned from the titles of the Princess of Greece and the Princess of Denmark and was converted from the Greek Orthodox religion to the Anglican Church. Finally, in 1947, wedding campaigns hit London. Millions of people followed the wedding ceremony.

He and the queen sleep on separate beds

The Queen and her husband are sleeping at their house, Buckingham Palace, in separate beds with their own bedrooms. Without disturbing noises, no space problems, without missing a blanket – instead of waking up well and resting the next morning and meeting – maybe even already styles, freshly made and dressed – at the breakfast table. Is this one of the secrets in her long marriage?

Prince Philip has bad nicknames for his wife

Favorite pet names like Darling or honey are not for Prince Philip. He also demonstrates the special sense of his humor when choosing his pseudonyms. He calls his wife "cabbage" or "sausage". According to Martin Charteris, Queen's private secretary, Philip is the only man on Earth who can speak with His Majesty in the way his beak has grown.

Dissolves all files

The ceremony is already 72 years ago and so the two royal elderly people break some records. Philip is the oldest writer of English origin: he has been married to Elizabeth for 72 years (four children: Charles, 70, Anne, 68, Andrew, 59 and Edward, 55). His wife, Elizabeth Bau, is the longest monarch in British history. Even his age is a record: As of April 1919, Prince Philippe is the oldest monarch of Britain, destroying the record of Alice, the Duchess of Athlon (1883-1981), who was 97 years old and 312 days in her death .

The mysterious sports car

Philip likes it outrageously, he showed in his car. In April 2016, the Lagonda 3-liter Domino Jewel of 1954 was sold by Aston Martin for a proud € 460,000. According to the manufacturer, Prince Philip was the first royal customer. For him, extras were made, like a small makeup mirror for his wife. Also, a phone should have the car on board. With Aston Martin, the prince inaugurated the first highway in England, even in the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956, he started his car.

He does not speak words

Again and again it provides provocative statements for conversation. It is also called the "duke of danger" – the duke of danger. The leaders of the protocol and the master of ceremonies would like to sink into the ground, but the English people love it for it. There are countless examples of the Prince's blunt, humorous humor. When the 13-year-old student Andrew Adams says he wants to become an astronaut, Philip replies: "But you have to retreat just before that." He calls German Prime Minister Helmut Kohl "Chancellor" and the President of Nigeria, who appears in a national costume, says: "You seem like you wanted to sleep."

At a climate change event at the Royal Society of Fine Arts, he asked me: "If the huge wind turbines are built on the northern coast of Norfolk, the main route of migratory birds in Scandinavia, the ducks will fly behind us in slices?" And a group of deaf young people standing next to a band shook him with the remark: "When you're close to this music, it's no wonder you're a deaf."

Prince Philip, the god

The inhabitants of the southern island of Tanna (Vanuatu) worship the prince as a deity. They adore him and his birthday celebrations. During the Second World War, US soldiers settled on the island. One of them, John Frum, thought that the abyss was the son of a mountain spirit who had returned. The worship of John Frum developed. In the 50s and 60s, the belief was born that Prince Philip was his brother John Frum.

According to tradition, the son of the mountain spirit had left the island to marry a strong woman. In 1974, the English royal couple visited Vanuatu. This time Philip was the star, not Elizabeth. In 2007, five tribes traveled to London. There they were taken by the prince.

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