Porsche wants to challenge the crisis for the return of diesel


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According to the decision, Porsche is going to take back a four-year Porsche Cayenne for a payment of just 60,000 euros plus interest.

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FrankfurtThe Porsche sports car maker does not want to accept the first crisis for the withdrawal of a diesel vehicle. The District Court of Stuttgart was the first court to support a client's complaint against Porsche AG, a preliminary report of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Tuesday) confirmed on Monday. However, the decision is legally incorrect. Porsche therefore assumes that the decision before the Supreme District Court Supreme Court will be corrected.

As the newspaper said, the carmaker will take back a four-year Porsche Cayenne customer for a payment of around EUR 60,000 plus interest. An unacceptable tipping device was installed in the car, which was unethical, the Stuttgart Regional Court said. Porsche harms its customers in a way to gain financial advantages over competitors compliant with emission regulations. The Federal Vehicle Transportation Authority (KBA) has ordered the revocation of several diesel models for illegal defeat devices.

VW's Stuttgart subsidiary pointed out that since autumn 2017, diesel models in coordination with the KBA have been updating software. In Germany, the vast majority of infected vehicles are converted, fully operational and technically safe. Therefore, Porsche AG sees no reason to claim damages. In other regional courts these were dismissed so far.

There were already several crises in the VW group in favor of customers who wanted to return their diesel cars to various brands. First of all, an appeal against this decision will be filed, a spokesman for VW said. About twelve lawsuits have been dismissed by senior regional courts. The first of these could be negotiated at the beginning of next year before the federal court.


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