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Live Ticker: Bayern receives AEK in the Champions League

In the Champions League, Bayern needs a home win against AEK Athens to continue having the chance to take part in Group 1. Singer Kovac will make the turn? Responses can be found here at the live ticker!

Bayern Munich – AEK Athens -: – (Wed, 21.00 clock)

Bayern: 1 new – 32 Kimmich, 5 Hummels, 17 Boateng, 27 Alaba – 8 Martinez, 18 Goretzka, 25 Müller – 22 Gnabry, 9 Lewandowski, 7 Ribéry

Athena: 1 Barkas – 2 Bakakis, 5 Lambropoulos, 19 Hugyrinos, 15 Kosits, 23 Hults – 95 Ales, 8 Simos, 25 Galanopoulos – 20 Mandalos, 22 Ponce

arbitrator: Matej Jug (Slovenia)


>>> Update Ticker <<<

20:41: "No, at all," Kovac answers the question of how Dortmund is already in this lineup. So there are no estimates, according to the coach.

20:39 clock: "I am convinced that Thomas Müller will support Robert Lewandowski very well", Kovac justifies the player's composition.

20:38: "Fast" is the slogan of Nikos Kovacs today. "The head has to change quickly, the legs run fast and we have to play fast," the coach said.

20:36: ZDF hammer! Bayern and BVB live on Free TV. You can find all of these under the following link.

20:24: The fans of AEK have today taken a real party at Marienplatz today:

20:21: The composition of AEK Athens:

19:56: The Bayern lineup is here. Kimmich must return to the back four. James is right on the bench.

19.44 clock: Bayern Munich has already won AEK today … The U19 was a success at the League of Youth. Here you can read the ticker.

13:32: Already at 14.00 hours the FC U19 team meets in the UEFA Youth League at the U19 of AEK in Athens. The game is played in Bayern's Camp Bay, here we mention live ticker. Enemy: Meritan Shabani's first-choice player is missing from the team, which could be a sign that it's in the afternoon of professionals tonight.

13.30: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for the Champions League duel between Bayern Munich and the Greek AEK Athens! The start at the Munich Allianz Arena is at 9 pm – until then we will offer you all the relevant information about the game.

Bayern Munich – AEK Athens: preliminary report

The mood at Säbener Straße is tense. After 1: 1 last Saturday against SC Freiburg, the blessing of the house in Bayern again. The record champion has four points behind the BVB ahead of the impatiently anticipated summit of the championship next Saturday at Borussia Dortmund – in case of losing the tree will probably burn quite well.

But coach Niko Kovac, who is said to have at least four players against him, like * "Dortmund is a long way off – we have Athens first and we want to win," said Croatian in the Champions League play on Wednesday night, looking at the CL Group table it is clear what Kovac means: Today, the German champions have to share the first place with the equivalent points of Ajax Amsterdam, a victory against the alleged weaker team of the team from Athens is obligatory.

For this, however, the current curse at home must prevail. Bayern is expecting four competitive games for a home win at the Allianz Arena. Of the six home games this season, the German champion could only win the first two in the Bundesliga.

The first leg in Greece, the Kovac team won 2-0 for themselves, however, the capabilities of the Munich business tribe were also hardly recognizable in Athens.

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