It is obviously going through the Brexit negotiations


Progress with Brexit negotiations with the EU: Theresa May British Prime Minister. (Archive picture)


The biggest obstacle to the Brexit negotiations was removed by a British newspaper article. May received the assurance from Brussels that Britain could leave the EU after leaving the EU.

The London government spokesman described the Times as Prime Minister Theresa May in the EU could make significant concessions on the Irish issue, but as a speculation. "We made good progress in future relations," said DPA spokesman Sunday morning.

According to the Times report, there is already a Brussels concession in May that the whole of Britain may remain in the customs union after leaving the European Union. It is therefore necessary to avoid a permanent line between the EU Member State of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Membership of the Customs Union is provisional. The extra clause in the agreement must convince London's Brexit hardcarts as well.

Time is running out

The Cabinet will give advice on Tuesday, according to the Times, according to the plan. Hope for support and development until Friday. Maybe Brussels then announces the Brexit Summit. Time elapses: Britain wants to leave the EU in late March 2019.

Overall, the negotiations were more advanced than they already knew, the Times reported. The results so far are recorded on at least 50 pages document. Therefore, the goods can not be inspected at the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, but for example in warehouses and shops.

Unspecified cabinet sources say the article was written as if the parliamentary representative Jacob Rees-Mogg had written it, according to the report. Backbencher is a huge Brexit hardline with extremely conservative views. He is one of the greatest enemies of May.

The biggest question

London and Brussels are worried that a strong border on the Irish island could endanger the brutal peace of the former civil war. However, they have not yet agreed that this can be practically prevented. At present the boundaries of the hills are almost invisible.

Britain wants to leave the EU in late March 2019. The biggest issue of negotiations so far has been the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. He recently said that the agreement was already "95 percent".

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